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Cyber Monday Outdoor Furniture Deals (Q&A)

Like Black Friday, it turns out that Cyber Monday may not be the best time to buy outdoor furniture. Let’s find out why…

Outdoor furniture goes on sale in late August and early September, and this continues until Halloween. By Cyber Monday in late November, there isn’t much patio furniture left to reduce, with new lines not coming out until early spring. So the best deals and choices may not be available.

We’re not saying you can’t ever get a good deal on patio furniture on Cyber Monday – but you definitely need to buy what you need and not just what’s left over at the lowest possible price. Let’s look at this in more detail and discover what the big brands are offering below…

Is Cyber Monday a Good Time of Year For Outdoor Furniture Deals?

As every internet shopper knows, Cyber Monday is a great time to pick up a bargain online. However, it may not be the best day to pick up discounted patio furniture.

Cyber Monday is very similar to Black Friday, and as it comes just three days later, is pretty much a continuation of the more famous sale. However, Black Friday tends to be better for the “big ticket” items (sometimes defined as things you’d only buy once a year, or less), while Cyber Monday is more about smaller tech items and gifts. Here’s a short film explaining how Cyber Monday came about.

You may be lucky and pick up a discounted patio set on Cyber Monday. However, deals aside, it’s simply not the best time of year to buy outdoor furniture. If you’re looking for a good reduction on your new patio suite or dining set, you’re better off trying the end-of-season sales.

Are There Better Times of The Year To Buy Patio Furniture? (Such as Christmas)

There are better times to buy patio furniture than on Cyber Monday. There may be great discounts to be found on Black Friday and Cyber Monday; however, there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s late November, and there’ll be very little choice of yard furniture in the stores.

This is because most garden centers and homeware stores have great end-of-season sales on patio furniture. Garden furniture, grills, and other outdoor living ranges generally go on sale in late August and early September, and this continues until around Halloween. This is because the stores need to clear their summertime ranges to make space for their holiday stock. 

If you want both a discount and a choice of furniture, buy towards the start of the sale, in late August or early September. You may only get 10 or 20% off during this period, but you will get the first choice of the reduced items. If choice is less of an issue, hang fire a bit longer, as the reductions will keep getting better as time goes on.

By the time Cyber Monday comes round, there isn’t much garden furniture left to reduce, with the new lines not coming in until early spring. So, Christmas isn’t the best time to buy your outdoor dining set, either, although you’ll find plenty of other fantastic outdoor living items, such as lights and decorations.

If you want a choice, spring is the best time to buy your patio furniture. You may even be lucky and catch a one-off sale or find a coupon.

Should I Be Wary of Cyber Monday Deals on Patio Furniture?

If you stick to trusted online stores, you can feel pretty confident about shopping on Cyber Monday. Don’t be tempted by offers from places you’ve never heard of (scam websites may spring up at this time of year). Always read the small print to double-check the returns policy, and if you can, pay by credit card.

Of course, we‘re not experts on online security (just enthusiastic shoppers!). The old saying still rings true on Cyber Monday as it does on any day of the year: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

What Outdoor Living Companies Offer Cyber Monday Discounts On Outdoor Furniture?

If you’re looking for a great deal on patio furniture on Cyber Monday, head for the best-known garden centers, outdoor stores, and homeware stores. We’ll run through some of the best places to hunt for that perfect new suite.


The big retailer sells great-value goods all year, but this doesn’t stop Walmart from discounting yet further on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Its sales typically include some outdoor living and yard ranges, so keep an eye on the website in the run-up to Cyber Monday.


Target has a huge range of home and garden products. Their Cyber Monday sale has been known to last all week and covers a lot of different product lines. Sign up to Target’s email to keep up to date with their offers.

Best Buy

Best Buy has some fantastic deals on tech and gadgets on Cyber Monday, but it’s not the best place to go for your patio furniture. Having said that, it does stock some garden furniture, so it’s still worth a look. There are plenty of other items for your yard at Best Buy, such as pressure washers and outdoor kitchen equipment.


Macy’s fall sale sees up to 40-60% off some of its patio furniture, and there are some fabulous, high-end sets here. The iconic brand is known for generous Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts, and you should always try their end-of-season sales.

Cyber Monday outdoor furniture deals
Cyber Monday is still a great time to get deals on outdoor furniture


This department store has a great range of patio furniture sets, and they offer good end-of-season discounts on their yard items. Their Cyber Monday sale tends to run all week – and look out for extra deals on top of the discounts, such as free shipping.

Home Depot

Home Depot has a huge range of patio furniture to suit all budgets. They offer excellent late summer and early fall deals on their garden ranges, so generally, this is the best time to buy. However, their Cyber Monday sale is still always worth a look, although you won’t get the choice at this time of year. Again, keep an eye out for free shipping promotions during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Like Home Depot, Lowe’s reduces the price of its patio sets early, towards the end of the summer. However, their sale is worth a look if you want to stock up on tools and equipment for your yard, and their holiday decoration offers are great.


And now to the Daddy of Cyber Monday, Amazon. They spread the savings across the whole week, and look out for their famous lightning deals. Possibly not the best place for patio furniture, but definitely worth a look – plus, you can pick up all sorts of outdoor living accessories at great prices.


Wayfair is known for its fabulous homeware, which includes a stylish outdoor selection. They always have great end-of-season offers on garden furniture and outdoor accessories, so hopefully, they’ll have something good lined up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday…


Kohl’s always has incredible deep discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and they’re not exactly expensive the rest of the year). Definitely worth a look on Cyber Monday, although we’re not sure how great the choice will be. Keep an eye on Kohl’s all year round, as there are frequent sales across all ranges.


Cabela’s is an outdoor store, and it’s a go-to place for yard equipment. We regularly visit the “Bargain Cave” page on their website for discounted tools and so on, but they’re not the best place for a stylish patio set. Now, if you’re looking for a good-quality grill or smoker…


Costco always has a good choice of garden furniture at great prices, and if you join as a member, you’ll get extra discounts all year. Their Cyber Monday lasts all week and is a great way to pick up all sorts of bargains. Definitely one to check. 

Final Thoughts: Buying Cyber Monday Patio Furniture

Good luck shopping for outdoor furniture on Cyber Monday – we hope you find some great deals amongst the stock that’s leftover.

However, remember the Take a Yard golden rule – only buy what you really need, not what you can get the best price on. 🙂

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