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Black Friday Yard & Power Tools

If you’re in the market for some new yard and power tools – is Black Friday really a good time of year to get the best deals? Let’s find out…

Yard and power tools are discounted heavily by all the major stores on Black Friday, with big discounts available on everything from cordless drills, lawnmowers and chainsaws, to garden rakes, buckets and flower pots.

Let’s look in more detail at buying yard and power tools on Black Friday, and discover which brands are offering the best deals…

Do Tools Go On Sale For Black Friday?

Black Friday is a big day in any bargain hunter’s diary. Most retailers offer big deals on a whole range of products, but we’re shopping for specific reductions: discounted yard and power tools.

Are power tools and yard equipment discounted on Black Friday? Yes they are, and if you shop around, you can pick up real bargains from some big name brands. Just think about what tools you want to buy before you dive into the sales, as it’s not really a bargain if you don’t need it!

Is it a Good Time To Buy Tools on Black Friday?

Is Black Friday a good time to pick up some cheap power tools for your yard? It certainly is, and if you’re about to embark on a task that needs a new tool, we’d recommend that you wait until Black Friday comes around.

It’s also a great time to stock up your general tool and yard kit collection. So, if there’s space in your shed, Black Friday is a good time to fill it.

Because power tools are traditionally “dad gifts”, there are often special offers in the run up to Father’s Day and Christmas. Keep an eye out for deals in June and December.

If you’re shopping for season-specific yard equipment, the best time to buy is at the end of that season. So, pick up a snow blower in March or a lawn mower in September. Just be aware that although shopping the end-of-season sales gives you some great reductions, you won’t get as much choice as you would at the start of the season.

What Big Brands Are Doing Deals on Black Friday Yard & Garden Tools?

All the big names in hardware will be having Black Friday sales, so check out places like Home Depot, Lowes, and Harbor Freight. Items that make neat Christmas gifts, like cordless drill sets, are often reduced for Black Friday, and it’s a great time to pick up a large, one-off purchase like a pressure washer or a generator.

Garden centers and hardware stores will be doing deals on yard-specific tools, so it’s a good time to get your kit ready for next season. Again, a lot of the heavily discounted items like riding mowers will have shifted in the fall; however, you may be lucky and pick up a leftover mower at a bargain price.

The same is true of yard equipment such as grills. These are generally put on sale in the late summer and early fall, with reductions increasing as time passes. By the time November comes around, the choice in grills will be limited, but those left will be even cheaper.

We look at buying patio furniture on Black Friday in another article. Again, there’ll be some bargains, but there won’t be much of a selection at that time of year. The best time to get hold of a reduced patio set is late August or September.

Back to power tools and general yard equipment… Black Friday is a great time to grab a good deal, but where are the best places to go bargain hunting? Here’s a run-down of the top tool stores for Black Friday reductions.

Is Home Depot Doing Black Friday?

Home Depot is a great place to go for discounted power tools on Black Friday. Tools such as cordless drills and circular saws are greatly reduced in price in the Black Friday sales. Thanks to Home Depot’s massive stock capacity, there’s usually a really good choice of makes and models. 

Home Depot also has good end-of-season sales, so look out for those grills, mowers, and patio sets in August and September.

Is Lowes Doing Black Friday?

Yes, Lowe’s certainly is doing Black Friday. Like Home Depot, they have a huge range of power and yard tools on offer, from brands such as John Deere, Craftsman, and Husqvarna. Lowe’s also offers good regular discounts throughout the year, and keep an eye on the Deal of the Day page on their website.

Does Harbor Freight Have Black Friday?

Now, Harbor Freight is known for its year-round good prices and generous clearance sales; and it’s often among the first stores to announce its Black Friday deals. Get hold of its Black Friday catalogue to get an idea of what to expect.

If you’re after heavy-duty power tools, air tools, hand tools, generators, electrical equipment and so on, Harbor Freight is a great place to head at any time of year, because they really do stock an enormous range.

Does Northern Tool Have Black Friday?

Northern Tool is a leader in good-quality but affordable power tools, and they have a great choice of hardware brands. Their prices are competitive all year; however, wait until their Black Friday sale if you want a real bargain

Does Amazon Have Black Friday Tool Deals?

Amazon, of course, has Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in every department, and tools is no exception. You don’t have to wait as long for Amazon’s Black Friday discounts, as they begin their countdown offers at the start of November. Look out for their Black Friday “Lightning Deals”, that have deep discounted products for very short time periods.

Are Kohl’s Doing Black Friday Deals?

Kohl’s offers great-value tools and garden appliances all year round. Their Black Friday deals can be fantastic, and unlike most retailers, Kohl’s lets you use coupons on top of many of their deals (you’ll need to check this, deal at a time). It’s definitely worth checking out their yard department at any time of year.

Black Friday yard tools

Are Wayfair Having a Black Friday Tool Sale?

Wayfair is more about decor and design than it is power tools. Still, they have an excellent Outdoor department, where you can pick up items like grills, outdoor storage, and garden lighting. There’s often good end-of-season sales on their garden products, and keep checking back in for Black Friday discounts.

Are Cabela’s Doing Deals on Tools This Black Friday?

Rugged outdoor store Cabela’s generally does a week-long Black Friday sale. They don’t have a conventional tools department like many stores; however you can pick up all sorts in their camping, home, and sporting ranges. Keep checking in on their Bargain Cave page for year-round discounted products.

Are Walmart Doing Black Friday?

Walmart always has good-value home and yard items, but they still really pull out all the stops for Black Friday. The sale starts well in advance of the day itself, and you should be able to pick up a bargain before Thanksgiving.

Are Target Doing Black Friday Deals On Tools?

Like Walmart, Target offers year-round value, and you can pick up a lot of essentials for your home and yard at great prices. It’s famous for its Black Friday deep discounts, and its stores can get pretty packed… Stick to its online store, which also has permanent Deals and Clearance pages.

Do Best Buy Have Black Friday Tool Deals?

Best Buy is best known for tech like cell phones and laptops. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t pick up some fantastic power tools and general garage equipment from the popular store. Their Black Friday deals tend to start at the beginning of November, so keep your eyes on their website from the fall onwards. In the meantime, check out the Deal of the Day page on the Best Buy website.

Are Macy’s Doing Black Friday Deals?

Naturally, this iconic retailer has some great Black Friday offers across all departments. Now as you can imagine, they’re not the place to go if you need a new drill. But, if you’re after some furniture or accessories to add some pizzazz to your yard, Macy’s is a good option. They’re known for their excellent Black VFriday and Cyber Monday deals, and they’re also generous with their end-of-season discounts.

Does JCPenney Offer Black Friday Discounts On Tools?

The mighty JCPenney offers deep discounts for pre-Black Friday week, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Clothes and holiday decorations feature largely among the best discounts; however, as they have a good selection of patio furniture, we can assume there’ll be yard items among their Black Friday deals. Again, not the best place for power tools, but you should be able to pick up some stylish yard accessories.

Summary: Black Friday Garden Tools

Black Friday can certainly turn into a bit of a feeding frenzy when it comes to getting the best deals on garden tools and power equipment – especially online.

However, if you stick to only buying what you really need – then there are definitely some excellent Black Friday discounts to be had on all the latest yard and power tools.

Happy shopping! 🙂

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