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Is Black Friday A Good Time To Buy Patio Furniture?

Is Black Friday really the right time of year to buy patio furniture? Let’s find out…

If you’re willing to compromise on the type of patio furniture you purchase, then Black Friday can be a good time to buy – with discounts of up to 70% available by the end of October. However, you should definitely be prepared to weigh up cost against choice when assessing the best deals.

Let’s look at buying patio furniture on Black Friday in more detail – and discover some of the big brands offering discounts at this busy time of year for consumers and retailers…

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Should I Buy My Patio Furniture On Black Friday?

As we all know, Black Friday can be the best time to find a bargain. Everything from laptops to refrigerators to pajamas is discounted, and it can be worth hanging on a few weeks to buy an item at a lower price. But what about garden furniture? Is Black Friday a good time to stock up on furniture for your yard?

Buying patio furniture on Black Friday is a bit of a balancing act. It’s likely that there will be reductions, but there may not be much choice. This is because many retailers discount their yard equipment at the end of the summer and the early fall, meaning that a lot of the good stuff will have gone by November…

So, it’s a case of weighing up cost v choice. Will I get a good price? Yes. Will I be able to buy the perfect patio set? No idea.

It’s also worth remembering that any patio furniture you buy in late November will have to be winterized pretty much immediately. So, it’s a good way of saving money if you’re willing to be patient. If you like to use your new purchases immediately, you may get a bit frustrated by having to cover your shiny new furniture.

What is The Best Month To Buy Patio Furniture?

Many retailers start to discount their patio furniture in late August, and the further you get into the fall the cheaper it will get. Again, there’ll be less choice as time goes by; however, if you’re willing to be flexible about what sort of patio set you pick up, you could be seeing reductions of up to 70% by the end of October.

If you’re after a specific type of garden furniture (say, a fake rattan bistro set), you may need to act towards the start of the sale. You could still get 10 or 20% off the perfect patio furniture in late August or early September.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to pay full price to get the right piece, order and buy it in the spring. That way, you’ll get exactly what you want in time for the summer, and you’ll get months of enjoyment from it. If you buy a patio set on Black Friday, it may have to go straight under cover until the spring.

What’s The Markup On Black Friday Outdoor Furniture?

This is a tricky one to answer: after all, no retailer likes to give away pricing information. However, we did a bit of research, and the markup on patio furniture can be as much as 200-400%.

On the whole, patio furniture is not the poor relative of your indoor dining suite or settee. As well as the build quality, materials, labor, and transportation that you pay for your home furnishings, the patio set also has to be waterproof, rust-proof, UV-proof, and mold-proof. We ask a lot from our outdoor furniture, and the materials and finishes involved can make it pricey.

What Outdoor Living Brands Have Black Friday Patio Furniture Deals?

On Black Friday, check out all your usual garden centers and online retailers to see what offers they have on. 

We’ve made a list of some of the most popular US retailers that sell patio furniture. We can’t predict what Black Friday deals they’ll have this year, but we know that they’ve discounted yard furniture in the past. Most retailers also have good end-of-season deals on their garden items.

Here’s a quick run-down of places to check for cheap, off-season patio furniture…

Home Depot

Home Depot is many people’s first choice when it comes to buying anything for their house or yard. They have a great range of patio furniture and a choice of prices, so it’s likely that you’ll be able to buy what you need there.

When it comes to discounts, at the time that we’re writing this (early fall), they have up to 40% off their Black Friday garden furniture. 

If you want a better idea of the sort of patio furniture Home Depot sells, take a look at this short walk-through YouTube video.


Another big name for all your garden needs, Lowe’s starts discounting some patio sets at the end of the summer. Looking at their Black Friday ads, Lowe’s is discounting a lot of exciting holiday products, but they’re not showing much in the way of older, unseasonal stock.


For massive online retailers like Amazon, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are (literally) really big deals. There’s not much sign of any end-of-season sales on Amazon’s stock of patio furniture, but given their reputation for Black Friday discounts, that’s likely to change as Thanksgiving approaches.

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Kohl’s always has good discounts, and they offer a great choice of discounted patio furniture and accessories in the late summer and early fall. If you want to pick from a wide range of great-value goods, you could do worse than buying it from Kohl’s in the fall.


Outdoor store Cabela’s is known for its garden equipment. But is it any good for special deals? The “Bargain Cave” page on their website is always worth a look, although you’re more likely to find a discounted grill or smoker than a comfortable chair or dining set.


Never exactly expensive to begin with, Walmart offers great Black Friday deals every year. The major retailer teases its customers early with pre-Black Friday offers, and these include some garden and outdoor living ranges.


Target really does sell everything your home and yard could ever need. You can sign up for Black Friday deals emails through Target’s website, giving you an idea of what’s in store this year. 


Everybody loves Wayfair for its wide choice of homeware. They offer good end-of-season sales on outdoor furniture and accessories (we were impressed with the outdoor rug selection), and you’ll simply have to keep checking back in close to Black Friday.

Black Friday patio furniture deals

Best Buy

Best Buy may be better known for electronics and tech; however, they also have ranges for your home and yard. They have special offers on some patio sets at the end of the summer season, and their Deal of The Day web page is always worth checking out. They’re renowned for their appliance and electronic Black Friday offers, so let’s hope these great discounts continue into their garden range…


Costco has a good selection of patio furniture, with designs to suit a range of budgets. You can join as a member for extra offers, and looking at last year’s Black Friday savings, they certainly had great deals across all their many departments.


This famous brand currently has 40-60% off some outdoor furniture, running until 31 October. Macy’s has some gorgeous, high-end sets at great discounted prices. They are known for their Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts, so you may want to take the risk and hang on… However, it’s always worth checking their send-of-season sales.


This chain of department stores sells everything. They have a good choice of stylish patio furniture, and their end-of-summer sales offer some excellent deals. It looks like they’re planning a lot of Black Friday discounts this year, and you can get even lower prices by using one of their coupons.

Conclusion: Buying Patio Furniture on Black Friday

When it comes to buying patio furniture (and other items around the home) at Black Friday, then we’ve certainly bagged some great deals in the past – but in truth, some have not been so great as well.

My advice would be to only buy the outdoor furniture that really fits your requirements – not the set that has the lowest price. If the best deal does then happen to be on Black Friday – then so be it. 🙂

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