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Are Style Selections Patio Tables Worth It?

If you’ve ever considered buying a Style Selections patio table (like we have), then this guide should definitely help answer all your questions.

Style Selections patio furniture is an in-house brand of the home improvement giant Lowe’s, which has 2,200 stores across the US and Canada. Real reviewers give these products between 4.1 and 4.4. stars out of five, depending on the type of patio furniture being reviewed.

Let’s dive down into the subject of Style Sections patio furniture in greater detail, and discover more about the brand and its products…

Where Are Style Selections Patio Tables Manufactured?

Style Selections patio furniture is a house brand for US company Lowe’s.

However, it’s uncertain where the furniture is actually manufactured or assembled. Certainly, Lowe’s Style Selections doesn’t feature in lists of all-American patio furniture brands.

It is likely that Style Selections patio tables are manufactured in China.

Who Makes Style Selections Patio Tables?

Style Selections patio furniture is one of Lowe’s home brands. As such, it’s available across the country, at pretty accessible prices. It also means that if there are any problems, you’re dealing with Lowe’s customer service team.

What Products Are in Style Selections Patio Table Range?

Style Selections offers a great choice of patio tables. Your local store will hold a decent enough selection; however for the full range, take a look at Lowe’s online store.

You can get end tables from as little as $30, in a good choice of styles and finishes. There are then mid-size coffee and bistro tables starting at around $100. They have a good choice of stand-alone dining tables from $150 upwards, and of course, they also sell full conversation, bistro, and dining sets.

Not sure what look you want for your patio? Lowe’s takes you through the various different styles you can put together in this short film about patio furniture styles.

What Size & Weight Are Style Selections Patio Tables?

If you need a table for a small space, Style Selections offers neat little 18” side tables (weighing 9 pounds) for your patio or balcony. At the other end of the scale, a six-seater steel dining table weighs over 50 pounds and has dimensions of around 40” x 67” – perfect for a larger family.

Thanks to the large range, you’ll find a table to suit any space or need. Don’t have room for a large table on your porch or balcony? Try a couple of side tables for your drinks.

Do Style Selections Patio Tables Come With a Warranty?

Check out the individual warranty with each Style Selections purchase: we’re looking at several different materials here, so this could vary. Many simply have the one-year limited warranty. However, Lowe’s do promise their returns process is easy…

Style Selections patio tables

What Do Real Reviews Say About Style Selections Patio Tables?

We looked at the reviews on Lowe’s website for the Style Selections square, 4-seater table from the Melrose range. This costs $148 at the moment and is black coated with a steel frame.

It’s been rated as 4.1 stars out of a possible 5, based on almost 100 reviews. Customers like its sturdy frame and the ease of assembly. Some comment on the nice, simple design. Problems? Well, it seems it often arrives with some dents and scratches.

What about one of the more upscale dining tables? The Glenwood costs around $100 more than the Melrose table, and it has a wood-effect top. It’s similar in dimensions and shape to the Melrose, but with a more modern style and finish.

It gets 4.4 stars out of 5, based on 75 reviews. Customers praise the weight, quality, and easy assembly; however some aren’t quite so sure, complaining about rust issues. Again, some mention dents straight out of the box.

How Much Do Style Selections Patio Tables Cost?

Because Style Selections tables come in such a range of shapes, sizes, and materials, their range starts at $30 with small side tables and goes right up to $1,000 plus patio sets. A straightforward square or round patio table that seats 4 diners will cost around $150.

Are Style Selections Patio Tables Easy To Look After?

On the whole, Style Selections patio furniture is easy to look after. Most surfaces can simply be wiped clean and cushions removed to wash. 

Because a few reviews mention issues with steel frames rusting, you may want to keep a rust treatment to hand to touch up any dents or scratches, helping to prevent rust from setting in.

If your patio table does develop some rust over time, don’t panic. This short film shows how even seriously rusty patio tables can be brought back from the brink. Take a look at how to remove rust from a patio table.

One of the best ways to take care of your table is to make sure you winterize it correctly. Clean it, dry it, and store it somewhere watertight. We’ll look at this more closely in a minute.

How Do I Store My Style Selections Patio Table?

Lighter Style Selections tables, such as small coffee tables or side tables, will need to come indoors over the winter. If your patio furniture folds, this is pretty easy. If it doesn’t, do you have a table-sized space at the back of your garage?

Larger items are pretty heavy, so unless your yard is really exposed, you can probably winterize your table outdoors. If you’re worried, you can secure it to an outbuilding or a fence, or move it to the most sheltered spot in the garden.

In the Fall, give it a wipe, make sure it’s dry, then cover it with patio furniture covers. These are easy to buy and can be reasonably cheap – just make sure you get ones with ties, or they’ll take off in a strong wind.

If you’re storing your furniture indoors, you’ll still need to clean it and make sure it’s dry before storing it away, and it’s still a good idea to cover it.

Is your table part of a patio set? Remove any fabric parts such as cushions and the umbrella. If these can be washed, wash and dry them thoroughly, then winterize them in a sealed box or bag indoors.

This will prevent mold or mildew from developing over the winter, and stop any little creatures from moving in for the holidays.

Final Words: Where Can I Buy My Style Selections Patio Table?

It’s easy to buy Style Selections patio tables and other outdoor furniture, because it’s owned by Lowe’s.

The giant home store brand has around 2,200 stores in the US and Canada, as well as its massive online operation. You won’t have any difficulty at all finding and buying a Style Selections table in the US.

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