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Is Hampton Bay Patio Furniture a Good Brand?

There’s a wealth of choice available when buying new patio furniture, and we’re currently looking at the Hampton Bay brand. But are their products any good?

Hampton Bay is an in-house brand of Home Depot, which is headquartered in Georgia. However, Hampton Bay patio furniture is made in China and then assembled in the US. Their prices range from $500 to $1200 and verified buyers of Hampton Bay products give them 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Join me as I discover all there is to know about the Hampton Bay brand, and learn more about their products and where they’re made…

Where is Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Manufactured?

Home Depot is a well-known US company, and Hampton Bay is one of its in-house brands. Home Depot is headquartered in Georgia, however, it looks like its patio furniture is mainly made in China.

Some products are made from components manufactured in Asia then assembled in the US.

Who Makes Hampton Bay Patio Furniture? (Is it Home Depot?)

Hampton Bay patio furniture is exclusive to Home Depot, both in-store and online. The various Hampton Bay ranges are made by a variety of third-party suppliers, some in Asia and some in the US.

If you want to know exactly where your individual item was made, check on the label. It should say ”Made in” and then give the country’s name. If it doesn’t say, the item was probably manufactured in multiple locations. 

What Products Are in The Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Collection?

You can easily furnish your whole patio from the Hampton Bay collection. Tables, chairs, matching sets, couches, cushions, fire pits, patio heaters… From the rug up to the canopy, Hampton Bay has everything you need to create a comfortable and stylish outdoor room.

If you’re after a matching patio set, Hampton Bay has a range of collections. Looking for a compact set for a smaller patio or balcony? Hampton Bay has these, too.

Are Hampton Bay Products Real Wood?

Generally speaking, Hampton Bay has a reputation for keeping costs down by using materials like fiberboard. However, when it comes to its outdoor furniture range, you can find real wood items among the faux rattan and stainless steel sets. 

Treated wood is a great material for outdoor use, provided you look after it, and you can pick up a nice set of wooden Adirondack chairs, a traditional rocking chair for your porch, or a patio table with benches. More structural wooden items include things like gazebo frames.

Does Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Come With a Warranty?

You’ll have to look at your individual product to find out more about Hampton Bay warranties; however, Home Depot has a robust returns policy, which emphasizes how easy it is to return goods to their stores or if it was an online purchase, via UPS.

A typical patio furniture warranty for a more upscale Hampton Bay set is a manufacturer’s 3-year limited fabric and frame warranty.

Where Can I Get Replacement Parts & Cushions For Hampton Bay Patio Furniture?

One of the great things about buying patio furniture from a major brand like Hampton Bay, is that it’s easy to pick up spare and replacement cushions.

If you have a quick look on Home Depot’s website, you can see that there’s a good choice of replacement cushions, including those for quite awkward-shaped pieces, like corner chairs.

Because there are specific ranges, you should also be able to pick up items like an additional matching chair for your dining set.

Of course, if your patio chairs or couch is a standard size, you can also shop around if you want a replacement – or even have a go at making your own! Here are some great ideas for making your own, low-cost outdoor cushions.

What Do The Reviews Say About Hampton Bay Patio Furniture?

What do customers think of their Hampton Bay patio sets? As everyone loves a rattan patio set, we took a look at one of Home Depot’s most popular ones. 

The “Laguna Point 4-Piece Brown Wicker Outdoor Patio Deep Seating Set with CushionGuard Quarry Red Cushions” currently retails on the Home Depot website for $1199. It’s an attractive set that comprises a large couch, two chairs, and a low table. The five-person set is rain, rust, and UV resistant, and has a 3-year limited fabric and frame warranty.

We read some of the reviews on the Home Depot website. The Laguna patio set scores highly, with 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. Almost 1,000 customers have reviewed this product. 

Purchasers like the easy assembly, and many commented on the comfortable seat cushions. It also rates highly for good looks. However, some reviewers commented that their furniture showed signs of rusting, despite being rust-resistant.

What do reviewers think of one of Hampton Bay’s cheaper patio sets? The “Gableton 4-Piece Steel Outdoor Patio Wicker Conversation Set with Beige Cushions” is usually $599, around half the price of the Laguna.

This set seats four people on a small couch and two chairs. There’s also a table. Again, it scored well with customers giving it 4.6 stars out of 5. Over 700 people have reviewed this item.

Customers love its looks, and people are pleased with how compact it is. There are also some positive comments about its quality for the price. Assembly gets mixed reviews; however, this suggests that it’s a little trickier than the slick Laguna. 

The lower scores are mainly due to assembly issues, including the(for some) long assembly time. There are also a couple of comments about the quality. However, some customers do mention that this is OK for the low price point.

How Much Does Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Cost?

Hampton Bay pitches itself as a good-value brand. There’s a good choice of products at different prices. As we saw above, patio sets can range from $500 to $1200, with a great many products in between.

Hampton Bay patio furniture

How Do I Store My Hampton Bay Patio Furniture?

The best way to store Hampton Bay patio furniture is undercover. Home Depot sells a range of tailor-made covers to fit a lot of its outdoor patio furniture collection.

It’s a good idea to remove the cushions at the end of every day to stop them from becoming damp in the cool night air. You can get patio storage boxes to pop them in overnight (some double as useful benches or coffee tables).

If it rains, whip the cushions off and stick them indoors or inside until the clouds pass over. They may be water-resistant, but a lot of exposure to rain could lead to mold and mildew developing on the fabric.

To winterize your Hampton Bay furniture, first, remove the cushions. Wash any removable covers if necessary, then make sure they’re completely dry before storing them in a clean, dry place.

The furniture should be able to stay outdoors under covers, unless you live in an area that gets really bad winter weather. Vacuum, wipe, and dry the furniture, then put the covers on. Make sure you tie or fasten the covers correctly, as they can blow off in a gust of wind.

It’s important to ensure the furniture is clean before storing it. If there is food debris on the furniture, you may take the covers off in the spring to find that unwelcome critters have chosen to make their home inside your dry and crumb-filled sofa. Spillages left to become stains can lead to mold growth over the winter. 

Final Words: Where Can I Buy Hampton Bay Patio Furniture?

Hampton Bay is Home Depot’s own brand. You can buy Hampton Bay patio furniture in your local store, or for a wider choice, head to the website and order your new patio set online. 

We’re certainly considering this brand – not for all our outdoor furniture – but definitely for a few selected items as it looks really good value. 🙂

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