From patio furniture, grills, and fire pits, to gazebos, garden tools, and power equipment; we’ve got everything you need to transform your outdoor living space. Founded in 2020, our editorial team works hard to create and publish informative and entertaining content on all aspects of the outdoor living experience.

The name of this site was inspired by the term ‘give an inch and take a yard’, meaning in this context we want you to be generous to yourself in the ambition you have for your outside space.

Meet our team:

Meet Yvonne Choi:

Our kind and professional Editor Miss Choi completed a Master of Landscape Architecture at The University of Edinburgh in 2019 in the United Kingdom. She reviews and edits specific articles for this site; when they fall within her expertise.

Today, she is also a senior Landscape architect and an expert in Planning & Design, more specifically Landscape design.

Humble yet trailblazing, Yvonne’s iconic projects across the globe invite us to marvel at the majesty of nature. Each edited article on this site is a symphony of harmony, seamlessly blending geography, culture, and functionality. Sustainability is at the core of Yvonne’s work, leaving a regenerative mark on the planet and an artistic touch on this website.


Meet our Editor-in-chief:

Mark’s step-daughter: Zahra H. possesses over 6 years of experience in website-building and SEO; so she is a great addition to the site.

She also enjoys bringing together her love of outdoor living with her digital marketing knowledge to create a really valuable resource. She holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and is expected to complete a Ph.D. in Digital Marketing in the next coming years; from a prestigious university in London.


Meet Mark Hoffman:

Mark H. is the brains behind “”. He is a homeowner and property investor. He is the main writer and editor on this site, and he manages a team of talented writers and editors to bring you the very best outdoor living content.

He is thankful to live in a lovely family home with his wife, in London. Mark has three kids and is a grandpa to 3 little bundles of joy. He bought his family home many years ago and has enjoyed its backyard and glass outbuilding through different stages of his life.

Being a keen home improvement geek, Mark is a seasoned garden and outdoor space renovator and has helped several friends and family members create landscaping projects, build patios and pathways, install garden drainage systems, and secure fencing and gates. This has been his passion since his retirement in 2015.

Mark is also a landlord with a portfolio of rental properties, so combined with his own house he has years of experience in creating and managing outdoor spaces.

Mark, his family, and the site’s team very much hope all readers enjoy their time here.

Thank you for visiting, we appreciate it =)

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