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Are Garden Corner Sofas Out of Fashion?

There’s nothing that says comfort and luxury better than a high quality garden corner sofa. They can create a real talking point with friends and family. However, in recent years have they become a bit unfashionable?

Garden corner sofas are so timelessly elegant that they never go out of fashion. Dressed well with colorful cushions and throws, they can quickly become a statement piece of furniture in any outdoor space.

Let’s dive down into this subject in more detail, and consider whether garden corner sofas are still trendy, and how you can get the most out of one in your own backyard.

Are Garden Corner Sofas Out of Fashion?

Are Outdoor Corner Sofas a Good Idea? (Are They Still Stylish?)

We checked trends for corner sofas at the time of writing. While corner sofas might be cooling with some formal interior designs, corner sofas are still beloved and trend well in family rooms and outside.

Outdoor corner sofas are comfy, casual, and fun – perfect for an outdoor space filled with kids, pets, friends, and BBQ. Corner sofas are surprisingly good at maximizing space. 

Corner sofas are perfect for seating large families and people who spontaneously have a large number of guests. You can seat a lot of people on a corner sofa.

Most corner sofas have long spaces to stretch out in. Read a book or sunbathe with your feet up. The corner sofa will end up as the kid and guest favorite space to sit or lie on.

Or sleep on. Most outdoor corner sofas have the space to really stretch out. Ever wanted to sleep under the stars? You know your kids do.

For the Houzz take on corner sofa stylishness, check out this article.

Do Patio Corner Sofas Save Space?

It may seem counter-intuitive, but corner sofas can save space. A corner sofa is a space-maximizing design, unlike standalone pieces. If you have a small space and your guest list sometimes gets inexplicably large, then a corner sofa might be your best bet.

Put simply, you can seat a lot of people on a garden corner sofa. If you wanted to seat those people using traditional armchairs or sofas, you’d need a much larger space to fit all that furniture.

Corner sofas are made up of sections – and many can be rearranged to fit into your unique patio space. For some models, every single piece can be used separately. Think of the versatility – you can set up armless chairs with a side table in between.

Corner sofas are often sold in a set. Some sofa sets have multi-functional side tables and storage ottomans. 

You can use a corner sofa for a dining area space and free the area needed for all those dining chairs. Diners can sit on the sofa and use a low coffee table or a full-height dining table. Move the table away when you want to just visit.

How Do You Dress An Outdoor Corner Sofa?

Draw all your furniture pieces together with colorful and textured pillows, throws and rugs.

Rugs are great unifiers. Pick a rug that will go with your corner sofa. Then, use the rug to help you choose pillow and throw colors. A color mastermind somewhere designed the rug. Trust the mastermind and get pillows and throws in the colors of the rug. It will look fab.

Or, choose a neutral rug and put a colorful stuffed ottoman in the middle of the corner sofa. Be sure to have a tray for your coffee cup. Some ottomans double as storage. Choose cushions in the colors of the ottoman.

Or use colorful side tables and candles. Set up a curtain wall on a pergola or patio. Curtains will soften the corner sofa and add color. It may be a good way to shade the sofa during the heat of the day as well. 

Use garden flowers in planters to make the space cozier. Add bright patio rose trees or bougainvillea. Buy a couple of planters that have tall trellises and grow some bamboo. Set the trellises behind the sofa for a green wall. A large planter filled with geraniums will soften the sofa’s look.

If you prefer a more modern, minimal, sleek look, set your corner sofa in the middle of your space all by itself. Corner sofas have geometric, clean lines. No mess. No congested walking spaces. Corner sofas look great in a simple space. 

Here’s a great link with lots of photos on how to bring cohesion to patio spaces.

Does a Corner Sofa Have To Go in The Corner?

Nope. If you don’t want your corner sofa in a corner – that’s OK. Corner sofas are great as space dividers. They are beautiful, large pieces – set them in the middle of your space.

Corner sofas are big enough that they section off spaces or elements of the patio. The backs of the sofa draw invisible lines between functional areas – for example, this space is for lounging and this is for cooking. 

Corner sofas are the cornerstones or the rock stars of the social space. Locate the best place for the corner sofa and then build the space. Pull all the pieces into a social group with a colorful rug. Add coordinating pillows to unify the space and make it cozy.

Corner sofas work great in the middle of a room or against a side. Add in a couple of armchairs and side tables, making sure there’s space for people to walk between them. No “campfire” spaces – make sure the layout is roomy and airy.

You can even separate the pieces of some sofas, then arrange them beside tables or leave them by themselves for an armless chair look. Armless chairs are great to slouch in.

Are Patio Corner Sofas Out of Fashion?

What Should You Put Under a Corner Sofa On The Patio, Deck or Grass?

Let’s face it, a cement patio can sometimes be boring. Decks are a little more interesting, but still – boring. Add a colorful rug. Or a natural-colored rug with an interesting texture. A rug will increase the beauty of all your furniture, whether it’s on a patio, deck or lawn.

You can put a low maintenance, all weather rug under your corner sofa. For the patio, deck or the “grass patio”, rugs create a social space. Group your corner sofa, an armchair and side tables together with a rug. 

For the patio, deck, or lawn, first do some research into the best rug for you. Do you have a damp climate? If you do, a polypropylene rug is a good choice. They are durable, colorful, and stain resistant. They are also flammable – so keep them away from the fire pit or grill.

If you have a dry climate, check out polyester rugs. They are fade-resistant and easy to clean – except for oily stains. 

Jute and sisal rugs are a good green choice. They are biodegradable and comfortable. Jute and sisal will fade in direct sunlight and may mold in wet climates.

If you want to put your corner sofa out on the lawn (aka the “grass patio”), go for it. Put it on a breathable outdoor rug. 

Some people love their outdoor furniture on the lawn because they say it’s cooler than the patio or deck. And you may be able to get that drop-dead view you want. But lawns are usually uneven. Try putting some thin concrete pavers under the feet of your corner sofa for stability.

Kids will love hanging out on the lawn right in front of you. But you’ll have to move your sofa within a week if you don’t want your grass to die. Grass needs sunshine, air, and water. 

Even though your outdoor rug may be breathable, your corner sofa isn’t and the grass beneath it will die.

Do Garden Corner Sofas Come Apart?

Most do. Garden corner sofas are held together by latches, a bracket system, screws, or clips.

Many can be used in pieces. Check out the instructions before you buy.

Final Thoughts

In the final analysis, corner sofas are so timelessly stylish that they never really go out of fashion.

Placing a well dressed corner sofa with colorful cushions at the corner of a patio or outdoor room, will create a really welcoming and comfortable space to enjoy with the whole family.

Alternatively, a corner sofa can also be used to break up a larger outside space – creating a statement piece that stands alone in its own right.

So whatever you do with you corner sofa – if you invest in a high quality piece of furniture it will always be on trend.

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