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Are Oakland Living Fire Pits Good?

When it comes to products you need to rely on for durability – such as fire pits – you can’t take any chances with build quality and customer service. That’s why Oakland Living has developed such a great reputation across the US for both their top standard fire pit range and aftercare packages.

Oakland Living has been making outdoor furniture since 1992, and has a large distribution warehouse in Rochester, Michigan. They own two factories in China where all their products are manufactured. Verified reviewers give Oakland Living fire pits 4.3 stars out of 5.

Let’s dive down into this brand in greater detail – to find out more about the Oakland Living fire pit collection, and look at how to use, store and maintain these products. 

Are Oakland Living Fire Pits Good?

Where Are Oakland Living Fire Pits Manufactured? (In The USA?)

Oakland Living has two factories in China where their entire product line is manufactured.

Who Makes Oakland Living Fire Pits? (Can I Trust Them?)

Oakland Living has been making patio furniture since 1992. They have a reputation for quality construction and excellent value.

They own two factories in China, which allows them to control the product quality and eliminates the middleman. Oakland Living Corp. operates a 72,000 square foot warehouse in Rochester, Michigan where they stock best-selling items.

Oakland Living has a huge line of outdoor furniture. They manufacture wrought iron, aluminum, and resin wicker patio furniture. They make dining sets, lounge chairs, dining chairs, tables, benches, umbrellas, planters, and storage chests. 

Oakland Living makes adorable and whimsical garden ornaments in their signature molded aluminum.

What Products Are in The Oakland Living Fire Pits Collection?

Many companies sell luxury fire pits and fire tables, but Oakland Living sets the standard in molded aluminum. Their fire tables have unique and stunning molded designs unlike other fire tables. 

Oakland Living has created beautiful, ornate molded aluminum and rococo cast iron designs that are eye-catching. Reviewers love their tables because they become patio or gazebo centerpieces.

Oakland Living makes both wood burning and propane gas fire pits. They offer table fire pits, fire bowls, and fire grills.

Oakland Living propane gas fire tables come in round, square or rectangular shapes. They are made of stylish, clean aluminum, cast iron or iron. The molded aluminum is powder-coated for long-lasting beauty. 

All propane gas fire tables have clear or colored fire glass beads, table lids, propane tank covers and a heavy-duty table cover. Fire tables gas burning power ranges from 25,000 up to 55,000 BTU. The fire tables have strip burner systems. Some come with wind blocking glass panels.

Table colors range from antique black, copper, to antique bronze. Some fire tables have stone or fiberglass tabletops. Many fire tables have a combination of metals and textures. 

Most of Oakland Living’s gas fire tables have molded aluminum or cast-iron tabletops. For a more rustic look, the rectangular Vienna model has slate tiles with warm, earthy tones set in a diagonal pattern. This model has red lava rocks around the fire strip.

The round, cozy, Moonlight model has a multi-colored tabletop of tempered fiberglass. The flame-like colors of the fiberglass look stunning with a lighted fire. The fiberglass tabletop makes a durable choice for extreme climates.

Gas fire tables hold one propane tank, which is sold separately. All models have black covers for the propane tank. All Oakland Living gas fire tables can be converted to natural gas.

Oakland Living has three cast iron wood-burning models. One cast iron model is a traditional square fire pit with a grate and a lid. The other three models are unique cast iron pagoda/chiminea style. 

Oakland Living’s molded cast iron designs turn these wood-burning fire pits into works of art.

As with other fire pits, keep safety in mind. Make sure the fire pit is far away from gazebo fabrics or gasoline containers. Fire pits must be used in well ventilated areas -never in enclosed spaces – due to carbon monoxide.

What Size & Weight Are Oakland Living Fire Pits?

Propane fire tables come in sizes starting from 34-inch diameters weighing only 55 pounds. Round tables come in 34 inches, 42 inches, 44 inches, and 48-inch diameters. The largest rectangular table pit measures 52 inches x 33 inches x 24 inches and weighs 116 pounds.

The wood burning fire pits range from a 33-inch square model to two cast iron pagoda style models. The square fire pit weighs 40 pounds and the two pagoda-style fire pits weigh in at 110 pounds.

Do These Fire Pits Come With a Warranty?

All Oakland Living Corp. products are warranted against defects for 1 year from the date of purchase. Any defective parts will be repaired or replaced during this time free of charge.

Commercial use voids the warranty, as well as “Acts of God”, abuse, neglect, or lack of reasonable maintenance.

Do Oakland Living Fire Pits Also Make Accessories?

Besides their fire pit collection, Oakland Living markets fire pit project kits, glass fire beads, covers, screens, wind blocks and grates.

Oakland Living also sells their fire tables in “chat sets” – fire tables with four coordinating chairs. 

What Do Reviewers Say About Them?

We checked Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, Overstock, Kohl’s, Walmart, and Wayfair for reviews. We looked at reviews from verified purchasers, not expert ones.

We found 30 reviews of Oakland Living fire pits and tables. The 30 reviewers gave the fire pits 4.3 stars out of 5.

Positive reviews absolutely loved the fire table they bought. They thought it was good quality and beautiful. It gave off lots of heat. One reviewer just wanted to hang out at the fire pit all the time. They thought it was easy to put together. Reviewers loved the glass wind blocker.

One positive reviewer loved the adjustable flame height. Another reviewer warned it didn’t get great “gas mileage”.

The worst review was from the square wood-burning fire pit. The reviewer said that this model was cheaply made for the price tag. One mildly negative reviewer said their table arrived with sharp edges they had to sand down and the igniter wouldn’t work. 

How Much Do Oakland Living Fire Pits Cost?

Oakland Living fire pits and tables are luxury items with elegant designs and a quality build. The Oakland Living wood burning fire pits costs from $200 to almost $640. Gas fire tables start at $600 and range up to $2,000.

How To Use My Oakland Living Fire Pit

Follow these simple usage tips and you’ll be good to go:

  1. Do a leak check of the propane tank valve first by applying a solution of one part liquid dish washing soap to three parts water. If bubbles appear when the tank is turned off, then try reconnecting. If soap bubbles persist, you have a faulty connection that needs to be replaced.
  2. Check that the fire pit hoses are in good condition.
  3. Turn the fire pit control knob to OFF.
  4. Open the propane gas tank valve all the way.
  5. Stand as far away as possible from the fire pit while lighting it.
  6. Turn and push the fire pit control knob counterclockwise to HIGH.
  7. While holding the fire pit control knob in, push the igniter button. You should hear the igniter button click.
  8. The flame should ignite after 2 to 3 seconds. If the fire pit flame doesn’t ignite, turn off the fire pit control to OFF, wait 5 minutes for propane to dissipate, then try again.
  9. Release the fire pit control knob after 45 seconds.
  10. Fire pit flame height should be between 3 and 13 inches. If the flame is too short or too tall, try adjusting the fire pit control knob.
Oakland Living Fire Pits

Are These Fire Pits Simple To Maintain?

Oakland Living recommends cleaning your fire table after every spill. To clean, use warm soapy water with a non-abrasive and non-colored cloth over the exterior. They do not recommend using power washers or hoses with high pressure nozzles.

Oakland Living recommends using trivets, coasters, or hot pads on their tables.

Be sure to keep the area around the burner totally dry. If the gas control is submerged, it must be replaced. Never use abrasive cleaning agents on your fire pit. If carbon deposits appear, use a plastic bristle brush to clean them off.

Salt air can cause aluminum to rust. Oakland Living recommends applying a clear epoxy coat every year, or more if you live in a coastal, chlorinated or an area with windblown sand.

Look over your fire pit table every season for scratches that can become rusty. If you have scratches, lightly sand (600 grit) the area and then spray lightly with rust proof paint. 

Alternatively, you can spray a piece of cardboard with the touch up paint, then use a small artist’s brush to touch up the scratch.

If you live in an area with salty or chlorinated air or with wind driven sand, be sure to cover your fire pit between uses.

Here’s a link to Oakland Living’s Product Care Information Sheet, which has lots of good tips.

How Do I Store My Oakland Living Fire Pit?

During winter months or long periods without use, disconnect the propane tank. Never leave a propane tank in direct sunlight.

If possible, move the fire pit under a roof. Otherwise, cover the fire pit with a heavy-duty cover.

Summary: Where Can I Buy One?

Oakland Living fire pits can be found at Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, Walmart, Overstock and Kohl’s.

You’ll be able to order one either online or in-store if you want to take a closer look before you make a purchase.

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