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Are Sunnydaze Decor Fire Pits Any Good?

When it comes to investing in a quality fire pit from a quality all-American company, you could find it’s a case of ‘happydaze’ with Sunnydaze! (Editor’s note: you’re fired! 🙂 )

Located in Wisconsin, Sunnydaze Decor is owned under the umbrella of Net Health Shops, LLC and Serenity Health & Home Decor. Their customer service is based in Eau Claire and they have warehouses across the US. Thousands of verified reviewers give Sunnydaze fire pits 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Let’s look at this brand and their products in more detail – and consider maintenance, cleaning and storage issues too – so you can make an informed buying decision when it comes to parting with your hard-earned dollars. 

Are Sunnydaze Decor Fire Pits Any Good? (Brand Guide)

Where Are Sunnydaze Decor Fire Pits Made? (Are They Made in The USA?)

Sunnydaze is an American-owned company, based in Wisconsin. They travel throughout the world to bring innovative products into their brand.

Who Makes Sunnydaze Decor Fire Pits? (Will They Stand Behind Their Products?)

Sunnydaze Decor is under the umbrella of Net Health Shops, LLC and Serenity Health & Home Decor. Sunnydaze and Serenity Health are located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Their customer service is located in Eau Claire and they have warehouses across the US.

Sunnydaze began by selling other brands online in 2006. In 2014, they began sourcing and trademarking their own brand, Sunnydaze Decor. 

Sunnydaze Decor markets fire pits, log racks, games tables, tabletop fountains, kitchen essentials, hammocks, canopies, outdoor fountains, egg chairs, rustic wooden furniture, bookshelves, space heaters, Christmas tree lights, chair cushions, large inflatable garden decorations, fireplace inserts, planters, and – garden gnomes.

What Products Are in The Sunnydaze Decor Fire Pits Collection?

Sunnydaze markets wood-burning fire pits, chimineas, gas fire tables and fire rings.

Sunnydaze wood-burning fire pits come in over 40 different models. Sunnydaze fire pits are made from cast iron, steel and copper. They are round, rectangular, and square. Some are shaped like bowls with solid sides, and some have cutout sides to view the logs and the fire

Steel fire pits are powder coated. Most fire pits have spark screens, and some have other features like log racks and poker tools.

You can cook on some fire pit models, like the Sunnydaze 40-inch Cast Iron Fire Pit with Cooking Ledge. This model has a ledge over 10 inches wide for cooking. A cooking ledge works like a skillet. After oiling the ledge, cook hot dogs, shish kebabs, or vegetables.

The Sunnydaze 30-inch All Star model and the Sunnydaze 36-inch Northland Grill both have cooking grates. Here’s an article on tips for cooking on a fire pit.

Sunnydaze fire rings are made of steel. They are placed directly on the ground and are designed to have wood burned inside. Some fire rings have cutouts that cast lovely, flickering shapes, like the Sunnydaze Campfire Ring. 

Sunnydaze offers 14 chiminea models. Chimineas are wood burning and made of steel. They come in a variety of styles, from traditional to modern to Santa Fe rustic. 

Sunnydaze offers 6 propane-powered fire pit tables. They are made of aluminum, cast stone, and fiberglass reinforced concrete. 

What Size & Weight Are Sunnydaze Decor Fire Pits?

Sunnydaze fire pits come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, styles, and prices. Fire pit sizes start with a portable model measuring 23 inches and weighing 9 pounds

The largest Sunnydaze product is a rectangular fire table made of concrete-reinforced fiberglass. This table is 26.5 inches W x 13 inches H x 48 inches L and weighs 76 pounds.

Do Sunnydaze Decor Fire Pits Come With a Warranty?

Sunnydaze wants all their customers to be 100% satisfied. If you realize that the product is not what you expected in 30 days, they will refund your money if the item is undamaged or defective

Do Sunnydaze Decor Also Make Fire Pit Accessories?

Besides fire pits, Sunnydaze also offers accessories like fabric covers, spark screens, grilling grates, and marshmallow grilling sticks.

What Do The Reviews Say These Fire Pits?

We checked reviews on Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart. We used reviews from verified purchasers, not experts.

We found over 9,000 reviews, mostly on Amazon. Of these reviews, purchasers of Sunnydaze fire pits, fire tables, fire rings and chimineas gave them 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Most positive reviews like the price, quality, delivery and looks. Positive reviewers said that the fire pit was good value for money, was easy to assemble, larger than expected and elegant looking. One chiminea reviewer said it arrived the next day, they loved it and it made their garden “magical”.

Many negative reviews were about the build quality. Negative reviewers thought the chiminea they bought arrived rusty. Another chiminea customer said the chiminea itself was very sturdy but the wood grate was weak.

How Much Do Sunnydaze Decor Fire Pits Cost?

Sunnydaze wood-burning fire pits range in cost from $68 up to $300. Chimineas range from $175 up to $475. Propane burning fire tables cost between $325 and $820 for a large, rectangular model.

How To Use a Sunnydaze Decor Fire Pit

These steps are for using a wood burning Sunnydaze fire pit:

  1. Safety check first. Your fire pit should be at least 10 feet away from flammable gazebo fabric, bushes, trees and – your house. It should be on level ground. Your fire pit shouldn’t go on grass or a wooden deck. Have a bucket of sand handy for fire dousing and the garden hose on the ready.
  2. Check the conditions, particularly the wind. Wind will carry embers towards trees, your house and your neighbor’s house. If it’s too windy, wait for a calm day.
  3. Never use chemical propellants, like lighter fluid, for fire pits.
  4. Never leave the fire pit unattended. If you, a family member, or a friend can’t stay with the fire pit at all times, then postpone the fire until you can.
  5. Start with tinder. Make a pile about the size of your palm. Tinder can be dry pine cones, pine needles, newspaper or dry leaves. Here’s a great website for homemade fire starters.
  6. Then make a pyramid over the tinder with some kindling. Kindling can be made from dry sticks or twigs. Kindling should be just close enough for fire to jump from twig to twig but with gaps for air.
  7. Use a fire starter to light the tinder. Fire starters can be matches or “flame thrower” BBQ grill lighters.
  8. When the kindling is burning nicely, start laying on small pieces of firewood. Firewood should be dry. Hardwoods burn longer. Hardwoods are alder, aspen, beech, birch, cottonwood, fruit trees, hickory, maple, mesquite and oak. Soft woods will burn faster and smokier. They are cedar, fir, pine, driftwood, redwood, spruce and tamarack.
  9. The firewood laying should be like the kindling – use a pyramid shape. The firewood should be dry and seasoned.
  10. As the fire gets bigger, use bigger pieces of firewood, still in the pyramid method.
  11. Time to wind down? Get out the garden hose and turn it on gently. Or get a bucket of water.
  12. Sprinkle the fire – don’t blast it or dump the entire bucket on it.
  13. When you don’t see any more flames or burning embers, take a shovel and turn over the ashes.
  14. You shouldn’t have any more hissing or heat. You should be able to touch the ashes.
  15. When the ashes are totally cool, clean out your fire pit.
  16. Ashes can be sprinkled lightly in gardens, or they can be added to a compost pile.

Sunnydaze has an exceptionally good blog with lots of tips for fire pits here.

Sunnydaze Decor Fire Pits

Are These Fire Pits Easy To Maintain?

Sunnydaze recommends that you clean your fire pit with water and a mild detergent. Do not use abrasive cleaners or pads.

If you notice small spots of rust, sand or use a light steel brush on the rust. Then repaint with high temperature paint.

How Do I Store My Sunnydaze Decor Fire Pit?

Before storing your fire pit or table, clean it thoroughly.

For steel or metal bowl pits, make sure the bowl is cool, then remove all the ash. Put the fire pit in a garden area or the lawn and get the hose out. Spray the pit with the hose gently. 

Then wipe down the bowl with a solution of mild detergent and water. Use a sponge or soft cloth, never anything abrasive. Rinse, then turn the bowl upside down and let it dry thoroughly in the sun.

If your fire pit is cast iron, first remove the ashes. Then scrub the bowl with steel wool. Rinse then dry it with towels or a rag. Don’t let water stand on cast iron.

For fire pit models where you’ve done some cooking, use a non-corrosive grill cleaner. Spray the cleaner on, then use a circular motion to clean off the cooking ledge. Clean off the spray with a damp cloth.

If your fire pit is made of copper, follow the same first steps. Then, use a copper tarnish cleaner on the bowl. A DIY solution of 1 cup salt to 1 gallon of vinegar, scrubbed onto the copper, works as well.

For propane fire tables, check the burners for wear. Then, depending on the table materials, clean it thoroughly with the tips from above.

Finally, if you can, put your fire pit under a roof. Otherwise, cover it with heavy-duty fabric cover for the winter.

Conclusion: Where Can I Buy One?

Sunnydaze Decor products are widely marketed and available both in-store across the US and online.

Fire pits and fire tables can be found on the Sunnydaze website, Amazon, Home Depot, and Walmart.

When you’ve got everything home and set it up, you can use your new fire pit all the time. Altogether now – ‘Monday, Tuesday – Sunnydaze, Wednesday, Thursday – Sunnydaze’ etc. (Editor’s final note: I thought I said you were fired already! 🙂 )

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