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Are Fire Sense Fire Pits Any Good?

A really well-made fire pit is a sound investment in your outside entertaining space, so it’s important to choose a quality product from a quality brand. In this post, we’re looking at the Fire Sense company and products; as they could be just what you’re looking for.

Fire Sense is owned by Balkene Home, the home furnishing brand of Well Traveled Living. The collection includes fire pits, fire pit tables, and fire bowls, which are designed in the USA and manufactured around the world. Verified purchasers give Fire Sense fire pits 4.4 out of 5 stars.

In this article we’re going to dive down into the Fire Sense brand in more detail, outlining the types of products in their range, and considering how to use, care for and store these fire pit products.

Where Are Fire Sense Fire Pits Made? (Are They Made in The USA?)

The Fire Sense brand is owned by Balkene Home. Fire Sense products are designed in the USA and manufactured around the world.

Who Makes Fire Sense Fire Pits? (Will They Stand Behind Their Products?)

Balkene Home is the home furnishing brand of Well Traveled Living since 1998, owned by Edwin L. Hall, Jr and registered in Amelia Island, Florida.

Balkene Home has a wide range of outdoor furniture and home furnishings. Balkene Home is the parent of Fire Sense. The Fire Sense collection includes gas and electric patio heaters, fire pits, patio fireplaces and electric fireplaces. Together, Balkene and Fire Sense offer stylish, well designed, and well-crafted products for the home and the patio.

Every Balkene Home and Fire Sense purchase has a one-year guarantee. Warranty or replacement parts are shipped the same day from Amelia Island, Florida.

Fire Sense has an exceptional customer service center in Amelia Island, Florida. They are continually expanding with new technologies and designs.

What Products Are in The Collection?

Fire Sense designs their fire pits to capture the allure of a meditative and relaxing flame. Fire Sense’s fire pits are chic and beautiful. They come in a wide range of style choices to complement your outdoor furniture.

The Fire Sense fire pit collection includes fire pits, fire pit tables and fire bowls. Their newest fire pit designs use fire glass around the flame. Colorful, or diamond-like glass stones reflect the fire in dazzling ways.

The Fire Sense collection has a choice of propane or wood-burning fire pits. Fire pits come in a variety of style choices, materials, BTU values and features. Fire Sense fire pits are round, square, and rectangular. Most are coffee table height. Fire Sense also offers standard table height and cocktail table height models.

Fire Sense fire pits come in an assortment of colors, styles, and materials. Fire Sense’s pits have elegant, classic, traditional, and modern geometric designs. Many are made of aluminum with wicker-like molding. Others have ornate metal rococo scrolling. Some models have a slat board exterior with a driftwood finish for a beachy look.

Fire Sense fire pits colors are an earthy mix of antiqued bronze, weathered wood, hammered copper, bronze, beige, brown, black, multi-colored, and multi-metaled.

Fire Sense’s wood burning fire pits have grids for wood and mesh screens to contain wood sparks. Wood burning fire pit models are round fire bowls or are square. 

One Fire Sense model is multifunctional with options for charcoal or wood grilling. It has a wooden cover to turn the fire pit into a side table. Another model has a beautiful, hammered copper fire bowl. 

Fire Sense’s wood-burning fire pits offer 7 wood-burning models that are lightweight and portable. Some have folding legs and a carry bag for portability. 

Propane gas powered Fire Sense fire pits models are round, square, or rectangular. Propane fire pits vary from 25,000 BTU up to 50,000 BTU. These fire pits fit one standard 20-pound propane tank, which is not included.

Propane fire pits are coffee table, standard table, or cocktail table height. Many of Fire Sense’s gas fire pits have adjustable height flames. Most models have crystalline fire glass. In some models, the gridded metal fire pit area comes with a solid cover to transform the fire pit into a normal height, fire pit table.

Most Fire Sense fire propane fire pits can be converted to natural gas hookups.

Venting is required for gas fire pits – they must be used outside. Do not use gas fire pits inside a garage, shed or any enclosed area.

Here’s a video showing some Fire Sense fire pit features.

What Size & Weight Are Fire Sense Fire Pits?

Fire Sense’s fire pits are chic and designed to be lightweight.

The smallest Fire Sense fire pit burns wood, has folding legs and fits into a carry bag. This grill is 22 inches round and weighs 9 pounds. The largest fire pit is propane. It measures 44 inches in diameter and weighs 75 pounds.

Do Fire Sense Fire Pits Come With a Warranty?

Fire Sense warrants their fire pits for one year from the purchase date against defects and workmanship.

Fire Sense’s warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, exposure to water, freezing or chemicals. Returns to Well Traveled Living must be sent via prepaid freight in their original packaging.

Do Fire Sense Also Make Accessories?

Fire Sense makes covers, wind guards, and replacement parts.

What Do The Reviews Say About Fire Sense Fire Pits?

We looked at Amazon, Home Depot, and BBQ Guys for reviews from verified purchasers. We used reviews from real people and not experts.

We found 1003 verified purchaser reviews. Of these reviews, they gave Fire Sense fire pits 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Positive reviewers thought the fire pits were beautiful and sturdy. They loved the portability and maneuverability. The fire pits had lovely warm, even flames. Most reviewers found assembly took about 1 1/2 hours. Positive reviewers thought their model was sturdy and the materials thick. They thought they were good value for money.

One reviewer said the table edge stayed cool enough for a drink to rest on. Another reviewer wondered why they hadn’t purchased one years ago. Many reviewers loved the way it looked on their patio and one reviewer used a portable outside their motorhome.

For one model, many reviewers reported a design flaw in that the controls were behind the propane tank, and it was difficult to reach them. Other reviewers realized the issue and simply installed the parts in reverse order.

Negative reviews were mostly about the quality of the product. Some said doors didn’t fit and the screws weren’t stainless steel. One reviewer said the materials were weak – they had dented it themselves during assembly. 

Others complained about the starter not working. One reviewer said there was a gap between parts that didn’t show on the website photos. There were a surprising number of reviewers who reported that the dimensions as stated on the website were incorrect.

Another negative review felt the flames needed flame guards because it wouldn’t work in a light breeze.

Here’s a video on a Fire Sense fire pit assembly.

How Much Do Fire Sense Fire Pits Cost?

The smallest member of the Fire Sense fire pit collection is a round, wood-burning, portable fire pit. It costs $56. The largest fire pit has a 44-inch diameter, is propane burning, and costs $1,650.

How To Use My Fire Sense Fire Pit

These steps are for a propane gas fire pit model with adjustable flame height:

  1. Check the propane tank connection for leaks. Smell for gas when the valve is shut.
  2. Check the propane valve connection to the tank is solid and tight.
  3. Check the surroundings for flammable materials, like gazebo fabric or gasoline containers. Make sure all flammable materials are well away.
  4. Check the hose assembly of the fire pit. The hose should be free of abrasion, cuts, and wear.
  5. Turn the fire pit control knob to OFF.
  6. Open the propane valve.
  7. Keep your face and body as far away as possible from the flame area.
  8. Push in and turn the fire pit control knob to HIGH.
  9. While holding the fire pit control knob at HIGH, push the red igniter button.
  10. Press several times, if necessary, to ignite the fire pit.
  11. After the fire pit ignites, release the red igniter button.
  12. Adjust the fire pit flame height to your desired height.
Fire Sense Fire Pits

Are These Fire Pits Easy To Maintain?

Fire pits can be cleaned with warm, soapy water, but be sure to keep the area around the control compartment dry. Never submerge the gas control. If it is submerged, it must be replaced.

Clean carbon deposits off the burner screen with a plastic bristle brush.

Never use abrasive cleaners. If your patio area has salty or chlorinated air or blowing dust, protect the fire pit with its cover between uses. If rust appears, gently clean it off and then apply a rust-resistant spray paint.

Fire Sense recommends that propane fire pits be thoroughly cleaned yearly. If hoses show abrasion or wear or the fire pit’s air flow is obstructed, call a professional.

How Do I Store My Fire Sense Fire Pit?

Between uses, be sure to turn the fire pit control to OFF and turn off the propane tank valve. Never leave a propane bottle in direct sunlight.

Fire Sense fire pits come with sturdy covers. During winter months, store the fire pit under a shelter, if possible

Summary: Where Can I Buy One of These?

Fire Sense fire pits are widely available both in store and online.

They are sold at Home Depot, BBQ Guys, Lowes, eFireplace, Amazon, Walmart, Hayneedle, Wayfair, Target, and Costco.

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