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Is Christmas A Good Time To Buy Patio Furniture?

Our family loves holiday season – decorating the house and garden and putting all the presents under the brightly lit tree. But is Christmas really a good time to buy patio furniture?

The post-Christmas sales after 25th December are a great time to buy patio furniture, with discounts of up to 75% available. Prices for outdoor furniture start to fall in late July and August and get incrementally lower toward the colder winter months.

Let’s look in more detail at buying patio furniture at Christmas, and find out what sort of deals are available and where…

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Is Patio Furniture Cheaper in December?

Speaking generally, December should be a good time to buy discounted patio furniture. The peak time for buying outdoor furniture starts in early summer and lasts as long as the good weather holds. So in theory, the rest of the year should be cheaper. Is December a specifically good time to purchase reduced patio sets or Adirondack chairs? 

Christmas isn’t the typical time to think about buying patio furniture – at least, not in the northern hemisphere. However, is it a good time to pick up a bargain ready for the next spell of warm weather? As is often the case when it comes to bargain hunting for seasonal items, it’s a case of weighing up cost v availability. 

Typically, garden furniture (along with other warm-weather products like grills, gazebos, and kids’ outdoor games) starts to be reduced in late August. The sales continue into the fall, getting cheaper as time passes. So, the discounts may be 10, 20% in late August and early September, but by late October, you could get as much as 70% off your patio suite.

So what’s the catch? As with most sales, the best stuff goes early. Yes, you may pay very little for your outdoor couch in November, but is it the one that you truly wanted? Any patio furniture still on offer in December is likely to be a real bargain, but you will be limited for choice.

It’s also worth remembering that in most states, you won’t be able to benefit from your yard furniture for a few months. Make sure you have somewhere safe and dry to store it until the spring, or look out for some good quality and waterproof patio furniture covers in the meantime. 

If you’re one of those people who love to use your new yard purchases immediately (and we can identify with this!), December isn’t the best time to buy your new patio dining suite or rattan armchairs. 

Are Outdoor Furniture Sales Better Before or After Christmas?

If you’ve missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you may be better off holding off until just after Christmas. The days immediately after the holidays can be a great time to snap up a bargain. Also, New Year sales may be worth a look.

However, as soon as garden furniture retailers get a sniff of spring, they start putting their prices up again. So if you wait until after Christmas, you may grab a New Year bargain or you may miss out completely.

Do Patio Furniture Prices Go Up After Christmas?

Yes, patio furniture prices do rise again early in the year. As we approach spring, the stores start to get their new garden ranges in again, and this includes patio sets and garden seating.

This is good news if you want to shop for this season’s styles or if you want a good choice of furniture. If you have a very specific patio furniture type in mind, shop now for the best range of options.

However, if cost is more important than choice, you’ll need to purchase your patio furniture before the end of mid-winter.

What Outdoor Living Brands Have Christmas Deals On Patio Furniture?

Take a look at all your usual garden centers and online retailers to find out what their holiday furniture deals are like. 

We’ve listed some of the most popular online retailers that sell yard furniture. We don’t know what deals they’ll have this Christmas; however, they all have pretty good sales or reductions at some points, so they’re definitely worth checking out. They’re also worth trying for year-round end-of-season discounts on yard items.

Start with these popular online stores:

Home Depot

This is the first place many of us think of when it comes to buying anything for our yards. Home Depot has a great choice of patio furniture at a range of prices, and they have great end-of-season sales. Just after Christmas is a great time to pick up next year’s outdoor holiday decorations and lighting.

This video from Home Depot on choosing the right patio furniture for your needs is really good…


 Lowe’s has some great patio set discounts at the end of the summer, and we’d definitely recommend checking them out around August and September. Again, December discounts mainly involve holiday lines, so perfect to stock up on lanterns and string lights but possibly not garden chairs.


The mighty online retailer is always worth a look, because whatever the time of year, you’re bound to find something that’s on offer. Online retailers are a better bet than bricks and mortar stores, as they don’t have to clear relatively small spaces of old stock like physical stores do.

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 Wayfair always has good end-of-season sales on outdoor furniture, and they have a good reputation for Christmas sales (plus generous free shipping offers). There may not be a massive choice of garden furniture, but it’s still worth a look.


Kohl’s has good discounts all year, and they’re known for their excellent after-Christmas sales, which start on 26 December. Definitely one to check out, as you may strike lucky and find some patio furniture among their huge range of stock.

Christmas outdoor furniture
Christmas can still be a great time of year to buy patio furniture


The outdoor store does have after-Christmas sales, and it’s worth checking their “Bargain Cave” section regularly anyway. They don’t  have the biggest selection of garden furniture, but you may find a great new grill…


In the past, Costco has steered clear of post-holiday sales. However, as their range always has furniture at good prices, look anyway to see what’s available in mid-winter. 


Walmart usually has a great post-Christmas clearance sale. Take a look to see what yard items they have on offer. If nothing else, their holiday ranges are retailing for 75% off in the week after Christmas, so you can stock up on your outdoor decorations for next year.


Target is usually great value anyway, and they do have a decent choice of yard items. Like Walmart, they have some deep discounts on many items immediately after the holidays. Patio furniture isn’t a typical post-Christmas sale item, but you never know with Target, so check in anyway. 

This walk-through film gives you a good idea of the type of patio furniture sets you can usually pick up at Target. Hopefully you can pick some up at bargain prices at some stage!

Best Buy

Loved for their electronics and tech, Best Buy also has ranges for the home and garden. They do have good discounts after Christmas on their IT stuff, but we’re not sure if their sales will include their range of yard furniture. Visit their Deal of The Day web page for ongoing special offers.


Macy’s typically has 40-60% off some of their lovely outdoor furniture in the fall; however, they’re unlikely to have much of their old, discounted range left by December. But… their after Christmas sales are outstanding, and we seriously recommend taking a look for reduced yard furniture, just in case. Now if you’re shopping for indoor furnishings (or clothes and cosmetics), this is a sale you can’t afford to miss.


JCPenney sells everything, including a fantastic range of patio furniture. If there’s anything left after their Black Friday sales, it may be worth checking them out in December for yard items.


Wherever you decide to shop for your patio furniture at Christmas time – just be aware that even with a lot of seemingly good deals available, you may end up getting much less choice than at other times of the year.

Just remember our number one rule when it comes to getting discounts – only buy what you really need and what suits your exact circumstances and use case. And if you also end up getting a good deal on what you really want – then everyone’s a winner.

Happy (outdoor) holidays. 🙂

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