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Does Home Depot Sell Patio Furniture Covers?

When our patio furniture comes out of storage every spring, it’s still good to keep it covered as protection from the elements. We actually need to replace our outdoor furniture covers this year – so can we get them at Home Depot?

Home Depot stocks a wide range of patio furniture covers both in-store and online, with prices ranging from $15 for a single dining chair cover, to between $70 and $150 for covers that fit the whole patio dining suite or outdoor couch.

Let’s have a look in more detail at the types of patio furniture covers you can buy at Home Depot, how much they cost and what you should look out for. We’ll also consider if you really need to cover your patio furniture at all…

Does Home Depot Sell Patio Furniture Covers?

Can I Buy Patio Furniture Covers at Home Depot?

Yes, you can buy patio furniture covers at Home Depot, both in-store and online. The well-known chain of stores offers a wide choice. 

There are covers for outdoor couches and chairs, as well as for patio dining sets. There are also more specialized types of covers, such as those that fit patio heaters and fire pits. Hopefully, you’ll find everything you need to keep your whole patio set safely undercover. 

Trusted outdoor brands include Modern Leisure and Hampton Bay. There’s a choice of colors, so you can choose neutral shades that perhaps blend in with the decking, or choose classic black or dark gray for a simple look.

What about sizing? The Home Depot website lets you search by size, so it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your furniture. If you no longer have the sizing information for your suite or fire pit, it’s time to get out the tape measure…

What Should I Look For When Buying Patio Furniture Covers?

Firstly, it has to fit! So, as we mentioned earlier, measure your furniture (or get out the original instruction book) and search for covers that are the closest match. If your furniture is a standard size, it’s easy to find covers with the right dimension.

Material is a very important consideration. Water-resistance is a must: after all, that’s the main point of covering your furniture and heaters. As well as being water-resistant, a good-quality set of covers should also be UV resistant. You want your patio to stay smart when it’s winterized, and faded covers aren’t a good look.

Most good-quality covers have elasticated bottoms and ties, so you can secure them to the chair or table legs. This is essential if the furniture is going to be exposed to wind. You don’t want the covers ending up in your neighbor’s tree…

And of course, there’s also the aesthetics. You don’t want your patio to look too sad and drab over the winter months (especially if you can see it from the house), so it’s worth investing in smart covers.

Home Depot has a good choice of finishes. Neutral and brown shades tone nicely against a wooden deck or warm-colored stone pavers, and light gray is good with cooler-hued flagstones. However, they do show the dirt more, so you may want to give them a wipe from time to time.

Black and dark gray covers are a popular choice. They can look a bit harsher against a pale floor or walls; however, there’s usually a good choice in these shades, and dark colors do look smart. (Just make sure you clean off the bird poop…)

How Much Are Patio Furniture Covers at Home Depot?

The cost of patio furniture covers from Home Depot depends mainly on the size of the item that needs protecting. A cover for a single dining chair will start at around $15. A larger cover that protects the entire dining suite costs between $70 and $150, depending on the size of the set.

More complicated shapes cost a few more dollars than simple chair covers. So, a v-shape cover for a corner couch starts at about $50 and goes up from there depending on size. Complex shapes like patio heater covers can also cost a bit more for their relative size.

You can save a bit of money by choosing a cheaper material. Now, this doesn’t necessarily affect the performance of the cover, but it won’t look as neat. 

For example, a robust vinyl cover costs less that a waterproof canvas one. They will both do the job, but the former has a more “wrinkled” appearance while the latter has a snug and sleek-looking fit. The crinkly fabric can make a rustling noise in the wind, too.

Do I Need To Cover My Patio Furniture in Winter?

You should really cover your patio furniture in the winter to protect it from the elements. Yes, it’s outdoor furniture so should in theory be designed to cope with the weather; however it will last longer and look good for longer if you protect it from the weather.

Winterizing your patio isn’t a difficult job. Wait for a dry day, then thoroughly clean your patio furniture. A vacuum and a dry brush should clean up your faux rattan, while a blast from a pressure washer will work on smoother-textured plastics. Brush and scrub natural wooden furniture.

Take a look at this short film, which demonstrates easy ways to clean your patio furniture. When the furniture is clean and 100% dry, you can attach the new covers. Make sure they’re fastened securely, and there you go. It’s as simple as that.

Soft furnishings such as cushions and throw cushions need to be winterized separately, indoors. Even waterproof cushions shouldn’t be kept outside in damp or wet weather.

To find out more, take a look at our article about caring for waterproof outdoor furniture

Can You Leave Patio Furniture Outside in The Rain?

Outdoor furniture can withstand rain. After all, if it didn’t, it wouldn’t exactly be fit-for-purpose. Take the cushions indoors if rain is forecast, but the furniture itself should be fine.

Hopefully, your patio furniture is made from rust-proof and water-resistant materials (such as aluminum, plastic, and treated hardwood). However, even these materials will last longer if they are not constantly exposed to wet weather, which is why we recommend covering them in the winter.

Home Depot patio furniture covers

Should You Cover Patio Furniture in Summer?

Even in the summer, if there’s a prolonged period of heavy rain forecast, it’s worth getting the covers on for a while. 

Just remember to never cover furniture that’s already wet, as then you’re simply trapping the moisture in with the furniture. This can lead to problems such as mold, mildew, and rust, and at the very least, your furniture won’t smell too good when you take the covers off again.

However, if it’s just the occasional shower and the furniture gets the chance to dry off again in the sun, there should be no problem leaving your patio suite or deck couch outdoors in the summer rain.

As we mentioned earlier, even water-resistant cushions won’t do so well in a moist environment, and this includes the dampness caused by night air and morning dew. Take your cushions off at bedtime and store them somewhere safe and dry until you’re ready for your morning coffee on the patio.

Other patio items should be covered when not in use, however. If you have a hot tub, a cover will prevent dirt and debris from getting in and contaminating the water. A canvas patio parasol will quickly attract mildew if it’s damp, and the easiest way to protect it is to leave it folded up in its place, but to slip on a cover overnight.

After it’s cooled, clean, dry, and cover your grill or BBQ to prevent problems from debris, bugs, rodents, and mold. Hopefully you won’t need your fire pit or patio heater so much in the summer, so you can always cover them to keep them clean and free from things like bird poop. 


So after all this research, it looks like we’re off to Home Depot to check out their range of patio furniture covers.

Yes, we could buy them online – but sometimes I’m a bit old school and like to measure things up and then go and physically look at what I’m buying in store.

Must just be my age as I’m getting on a bit. 🙂

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