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What is Deep Seating Patio Furniture & Is it Comfortable?

If you’re going to invest in outdoor furniture then it needs to be comfortable, and nothing is more luxurious than deep seating patio furniture.

Deep seating patio furniture, or lounge furniture, is made with deeper seats and generally has a seat depth of 34-41 inches compared to 30-32 inches on standard outdoor furniture. This makes deep seating designs more comfortable for taller people with longer legs.

Let’s find out more about deep seating furniture and cushion options, high back and sectional deep seating designs – and consider the materials used to build them.

What is Considered Deep Seating?

Deep seating patio furniture simply has more generous dimensions than standard sizes. The seat is deeper than it is on a typical couch or chair, making it a comfortable option for taller people.

Those over six feet tall don’t have to perch on the edge of their seats, while shorter folk and kids can enjoy curling their feet under them in a comfy, curled-up pose.

Deep seating patio furniture has a depth of about 34 to 41 inches or even greater, while the standard seat depth is usually around 30 to 32 inches. This extended depth creates a luxurious, more opulent feeling, as well as being a better fit for longer legs.

There are a couple of misconceptions about deep seating furniture that can put people off choosing it. Firstly, it’s too bulky for standard-sized patios. This is not necessarily true. If space is tight, look out for a sleek and modern design that doesn’t take up too much room. Look out for features like lower backs and small/no arms.

Next, some people worry about the smaller and shorter members of the family. For a start, don’t worry about kids, who mostly seem to love the extra depth, and the freedom it gives them to stretch out.

The same goes for most adults, who’ll find it much comfier to lounge around on a deep seater than a standard couch. If some users find it too deep, place cushions against the back to shorten the seat area: everybody’s happy.

High Back Deep Seating Patio Furniture

It’s an idyllic scene: sitting back on your porch in a high back chair, reading or simply dreaming, with an early-evening drink in your hand. High back chairs hark back to an era of elegant comfort, and there are plenty of modern versions available, too.

If you’re looking for a comfortable deep seating patio set, a high back design works perfectly. The tall back balances the deeper seat, creating a pleasingly proportioned shape. If you’re tall, you’ll love this combination of seat depth and higher back support. And again, smaller sitters can luxuriate in their generous-sized chair.

A patio suite made up from a sofa and chairs will create a stylish and welcoming new “room” in your yard. A high back design is the most indoorsy of all outdoor furniture designs, reflecting the couch and armchairs in your living room.

Alternatively, mix and match your style, with an outdoor sofa and bench, then a couple of Adirondack-style high back chairs, which can easily be moved around to find the best sunny or shady spot. A quick search on Wayfair should give you a good idea of what high back styles are available. 

Deep Seating Patio Furniture Cushions

If you’ve decided that you want deep seating furniture in your yard, you’ll need to find cushions that fit this more generous design. Too short, and there’ll be an uncomfortable and unsightly wicker, wood or plastic gap between the cushion and the edge.

Happily, many suites come with their own seat and back cushions, and all you have to do is add any scatter cushions.

As we discussed earlier, you may like to have some additional cushions for those who prefer to sit further forward; simply place a few across the sofa, and those who want to can use them as an additional backrest.

Of course, there’s the added benefit that loose scatter cushions are a great opportunity to add an accent color or lively new print, and you can even change the look of your patio furniture to suit the season’s latest palette or to complement the colors in your planting.

You may decide to change or upgrade the seat and back cushions that come with your patio furniture. Luckily, because deep seating patio chairs and sofas have become popular, you can buy outdoor cushions for most of them off-the-peg, without having to measure and make your own. 

When you’re choosing either structured or scatter cushions for your patio furniture, make sure that both the covers and pads are made from suitable outdoor materials that are water-resistant and can cope with the occasional rain shower. There’s a choice of coated and waterproof materials available, and look out for watertight seams to make sure the inner pad stays dry.

We always recommend caring for your outdoor cushions by storing them somewhere dry when they’re not in use, such as a garage or outhouse. Just remember that deep seating or high back cushions will need larger-than-standard storage bags or boxes, as well as taking up a bit more space in your shed.

Deep seating outdoor furniture
Outdoor Furniture With Deep Seat Patio Cushions

Sectional Deep Seating Outdoor Furniture

We’re big fans of sectional outdoor furniture. These modular designs are great for larger families or yard gatherings, offering plenty of flexible seating. The whole family can share the sectional unit without feeling too squished, and they’re simply a lovely, comfy way of providing inviting outdoor seating.

The typical sectional design consists of a comfy corner sofa unit with a portable ottoman (or two). The ottoman can be used as a separate seat, or placed next to the sofa to create a daybed. A deep seating set ensures that this will be a wonderfully long section: perfect for dozing grown-ups or for stretching out with the newspaper.

So, simply by moving the handy ottoman, you can have extra seating or a special lounging area. With some designs, you can remove the top cushion from the ottoman to reveal a useful table-like surface. You can also develop your seating area by adding extra matching chairs, and introducing a low coffee table.

The deep seating editions of sectional sofas feel extra luxurious. If you want patio furniture you can really sink into, this is an excellent choice. Remember to look out for seat depths of 34 to 41 inches to get that luxe size.

What is Deep Seating Outdoor Furniture Made of?

You’re probably picturing the classic synthetic wicker furniture set as you read this; and indeed, a lot of deep seating furniture is made from this high-class and low-maintenance material. However, it’s not the only type of deep seating furniture, and you have plenty of choices of styles to choose from.

Since we’ve already mentioned it, let’s start with wicker patio furniture. The classic boxy look is perfect for a landscaped, modern yard (and is even better poolside), and has a high-end feel to it, especially if it comes with stylish cushioned seats and backs.

Synthetic wicker is both good looking and durable, and if it has an aluminum frame, can happily live outside in damp conditions. Please don’t go for organic wicker, made from rattan. It looks wonderful, but its natural plant material will quickly rot when exposed to the elements. 

If you prefer a seaside or more rustic aesthetic, go for wood. It may take a bit more looking after than wicker; however there’s nothing quite like wooden furniture in the yard of an older home. You can choose from natural or painted finishes, and complement the wood with comfortable outdoor cushions.

Again, for a deep seating sofa or chairs, make sure you have a seat depth of over 34 inches, and find cushions that fit this size. For a robust wood, teak is an excellent choice, and it gradually fades to that attractive silvery shade.

For a stylish contemporary look, try aluminum furniture. As well as its sleek, cool look, aluminum furniture doesn’t rust, can live outside, and because it’s lightweight, can easily be moved around the yard.

It’s not the best option if the wind howls through your yard, but for a sheltered modern balcony or patio, it’s perfect. Look out for sets that come with cushions, or choose your own to create an individual look.

Summing Up Deep Seating Outdoor Furniture

If you can afford the investment, deep seating patio furniture is the best choice for taller people and families who want the ultimate in comfort in their outside space.

There’s nothing worse than having long legs and needing to perch on the edge of a tiny garden chair – it can make for an unpleasant experience when entertaining or dining with guests and family members.

With a host of design and build choices available, deep seating patio furniture is the the discerning luxury option for big people with big(ish) budgets.

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