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Balcony Furniture: 11 Questions Answered!

Before we had our three kids we lived in a lovely studio apartment in the city, with a small balcony. All we had out on that balcony were two little chairs, a table and a view, but that was all we needed to unwind after work with a glass of wine and dream our dreams together. I remember that balcony – and the furniture set – fondly.

You can buy quality balcony furniture sets for between $140 and $500. Cover it when not in use to keep the birds off, and use soap and water to wash it down to keep it clean. While balcony furniture can be left out year-round, weigh it down in bad weather to stop it from taking off.

There’s a surprising amount to know about balcony furniture when you start digging, so in this article we’ve answered 11 of your most popular questions about your options.

Balcony Furniture (11 Questions You Want Answered)

Do You Really Need Furniture On a Balcony?

If you live in a high rise building in the middle of a city, you may find yourself longing for outdoor space. A balcony gives you that space. Even if your balcony is too tiny for parties, you can set it up for the perfect “me” space.

Balconies give you a small space to lounge and chill. To contemplate life. But it’s hard to contemplate life or chill out with a drink without comfy furniture

Be sure to check with your building HOA before buying anything for your balcony. Some building rules won’t let you attach anything to a railing (lights, tables, planters), hang a shade or have a privacy screen. 

How Do I Protect My Balcony Furniture?

To protect your patio furniture, keep it clean, use protective sprays, cover it up and stop it from launching off your balcony.

Cushions or even chairs launching off a patio balcony is not good for them or passersby. Lock down your patio furniture. Check out the tips later in this article.

There are lots of excellent protective sprays for fabric. UV rays on east or south-facing balconies can fade fabric and crack outdoor furniture. Invest in some UV protective spray. 

If you have a lot of moisture, protect fabric with a water-resistant spray. Sprays are widely available for backpacks, tents, and outdoor cushions. Most outdoor furniture cushions come from the factory with a good water sealant applied. But that will wear off. 

If your sealant is new, water will just bead up and roll off. If you see that it’s soaking in, it’s time for some new sealant. 

If you live by the sea, check your metal furniture routinely for rust. If you find rust, clean it off with a mild abrasive, like a Soft Scrub pad or fine grit sandpaper. Then, spray it with some exterior, all-weather spray paint. 

Even if your aluminum and steel furniture isn’t rusting, it will appreciate a little wax coating. Wax coating keeps rust and oxidation at bay. Simply apply a coating of wax paste or clear liquid wax, like car wax, once a year.

If you have wooden balcony furniture, apply some waterproof sealant once a year. In winter, if you don’t have space to bring it inside, cover all your furniture with heavy-duty, ventilated furniture covers.

How Do I Keep My Balcony Furniture Clean?

The truth is, for all patio furniture all you need is a soft cloth, water and a mild dishwashing soap.

Most patio furniture can be cleaned with a bucket of mild dishwashing soap and water. First, get a bucket of clean water and rinse your furniture off. Then, using a cloth or sponge, wash the furniture with soap and water. Then rinse and let dry in the sun.

If you live in a wet climate, you may have mold and mildew on your patio cushions. Mold and mildew need special attention. Here’s an article with green ways to clean mildew.

How Do I Arrange My Balcony Furniture?

Balconies are small spaces, so take some time and measure. Before purchasing furniture, try to plan it out. This doesn’t always work like we think, but it’s a good first step to know your dimensions. Use a free app or pieces of paper to plan out your furniture in the balcony space

An important consideration for furniture placement may be sunshine and shade. Figure out where shady balcony spots are, and then try to locate chairs there

If you don’t have too many shady spots, see if you can create some. Check your building or HOA rules. Can you mount a shade sail or awning? Or buy a planter with a trellis wall? Consider finding more shade with a plant wall, like bamboo, then arrange your furniture so you can be out there the longest.

If you think you will have extra guests occasionally, consider folding chairs. There are many types of comfortable, fabric folding chairs – even camping chairs. If you are allowed to mount onto the railing, think about a centrally located folding table. 

If your balcony is clearly visible from the inside, you may want to coordinate exterior color schemes with interior ones.

Here’s a great article with photos and ideas.

How Do I Keep Birds Off My Balcony Furniture?

To keep birds off your balcony furniture, you can get some fake predators, use bird repellents, or hang flashy decor

Predator decoys are very fun to buy. You can buy fake owls, hawks, eagles, and snakes. Fake squirrels sometimes work. Some fake predators even move.

Ultrasonic repellents work for birds. Birds need to hear to survive. Wind chimes work as well but check with your neighbors.

Birds hate bright flashes of light. Find something reflective and hang it on your balcony to blow in the breeze. Check out bird repellent flash tapes. Or aluminum spinners, old-fashioned pinwheels, or DIY yourself a colorful and flashy suncatcher. 

Use small pieces of mirrors or metal (like fishing spinners) that flash in the sun. There are many beautiful, colorful designs that you will love, and the birds will hate.

If a bird is persistently hanging out on the top of a chair or the balcony railing, try out some bird repellent gels. The gels are sticky, but not sticky enough to trap them. They simply discourage roosting behavior.

How Do I Weigh Down Balcony Furniture in Bad Weather?

For a windy balcony, try to buy heavier furniture, light wrought iron, teak, acacia, or steel. Set up a windbreak, weigh it down or tie down your furniture.

Set up a windbreak with some vinyl or cedar trellis, or a couple of tall sturdy plants. Invest in a small, colorful shade sail but set it up as a windbreak. Consider a planter with a trellis and buy a climbing vine.

Buy sandbags or special furniture weights. Buy furniture covers (you’ll use them in winter anyway) and then put the sandbags on the furniture covers.

Corners are best for stacking furniture before a windy day. Many balcony furniture sets are nesting. Use some bungee cords to lash the stack of chairs securely. Some stores sell furniture tie down kits. 

If the problem is not the chairs but cushions that go flying, an easy DIY is Velcro. You can also DIY some ties. 

Do I Need To Bring My Balcony Furniture Inside in Winter?

Most apartment dwellers don’t have room to store balcony furniture. Leave the furniture on the patio and invest in heavy-duty, ventilated covers instead.

Balcony furniture ideas

Which Brands Make The Best Balcony Furniture?

We searched for top-rated brands that make balcony furniture – bistro sets, bar sets, and conversation sets. We wanted top ratings and lots of them.

Here’s the list that met our criteria: Brayden Studio, Winston Porter, Wrought Studio, Andover Mills, Mercury Row, Bay Isle Home, Charlton Home, Gracie Oaks, Three Posts, Red Barrel Studio, George Oliver, and Highland Dunes.

Where Can I Buy Balcony Furniture?

You can buy balcony furniture at Ikea, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Amazon, Home Depot, Overstock, Wayfair, Crate and Barrel, Frontgate, and Lowes.

According to The Spruce, here are the best places to buy patio furniture in 2021.

Can I Buy Balcony Furniture in Sets?

Yup. Most are sold as sets, in fact. A set includes two chairs and a small side table. If you are searching online for a small balcony set, try looking for a conversation set, a bistro sets or a bar set.

How Much is Balcony Furniture?

In the brand search that we did, three-piece balcony sets started at $140 and ranged up to $500.


Balcony furniture is the ideal way to make your mark on a small outdoor space.

Just so long as you keep the birds off it and keep it clean, weigh it down and cover it up in bad weather – then your little outdoor space can give you a cosy, relaxing space in which to unwind.

As I say, our apartment balcony was a godsend when we lived in the city, and really helped us to destress on our comfy seats in the open air after a hard day in the office. 🙂

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