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Is “American Outdoor Grills” Brand Any Good?

If you want a classic American-made grill from a reputable company with a solid US heritage – then look no further than American Outdoor Grills.

American Outdoor Grills (AOG) are manufactured in Industry, California by RH Peterson Co – a firm founded by Robert H. Peterson in 1949. They make grills, fireplace inserts, and fire pits. Real reviewers give the AOG collection of gas grills 3.3 out of 5 stars.

With that said, let’s discover the American Outdoor Grills brand in greater detail – considering the product range, how to use and clean your AOG product – and how to store them too.

American Outdoor Grill Review

Where Are American Outdoor Grills Made? (Are They Really Made in The USA?)

American Outdoor Grills are crafted in the USA. They are manufactured in the City of Industry, California.

Who Makes American Outdoor Grill Products? 

RH Peterson Co. makes American Outdoor Grills (AOG). RH Peterson was founded by Robert H. Peterson in 1949. They manufacture grills, fireplace inserts and fire pits. Their products are elegant and inspired. 

Peterson continually invests in new technology in their factory. They value innovation. One reviewer said Peterson products “just keep getting better.” 

Peterson’s goal is to bring families together around the fire. Their motto is – Ignite. Invite. Inspire.

Besides AOG, they manufacture Fire Magic Grills, Real Fyre gas logs and American Fyre Designs. 

What Products Are in The American Outdoor Grill Collection?

The AOG collection includes built ins, portables and post models. AOG grills are classy and beautiful.

The AOG built ins have two series, the “L” and the “T”. The T series (T for traditional) has a piezoelectric starter. The L series is slightly upgraded with a standard light kit and electric igniter. The L series requires a 120 Volt power source.

The T series built ins have a “Rapid Light” piezo ignition system that doesn’t require electricity or batteries. This series comes with propane or natural gas hookups. The T series models come in 24 inches, 30 inches and 36-inch grid sizes. This series has heavy-duty, commercial quality, 304-grade stainless steel exterior construction and burners. 

The T series has 2 or 3 SR-18 stainless steel with titanium and chromium burners. They come with warming racks, “Diamond Sear” stainless steel cooking grids, solid brass valves, stainless steel vaporizer panels, and a drip collection system. The hood has an analog thermometer.

The L series built ins have all the features of the T series, plus a few more. The L series built ins come with both propane and natural gas hookups. This series has interior halogen lights and an electronic push button ignition (120 Volt power needed). Most have rotisseries and rotisserie back burners included (except for -OOSP models). 

The AOG portable or freestanding grill collection also comes in “L” and “T” series. The primary difference is that the L series requires 120 Volt AC power for its starter system. Both L and T series models have either propane or natural gas connections. They have 2 or 3 SR-18 stainless steel with titanium and chromium burners. 

The T series has a heavy-duty commercial quality 304-grade stainless steel exterior and burners. This series has a “Rapid Light” piezo ignition system that eliminates the need for electricity or batteries. The cooking grids on the T series are “Diamond Sear” stainless steel. The vaporizer panels are stainless steel. 

The T series has flush-mounted brass side burners. Every T portable model has a heavy-duty warming rack, solid brass valves, and a drip collection system. Some models have rotisseries, back burners and 4-prong meat holder kits (rotisserie not available on -OOSP models). 

The L series have all the same features as the T series except for the electronic igniter and the addition of interior halogen lights. The L series requires a 120Volt electrical outlet. L series models have blue back lit comfort touch knobs. Some models have rotisseries, back burners and 4-prong meat holder kits (rotisserie not available on -OOSP models). 

The AOG post model is designed for condos, apartments or small patios. These models must be cemented into a yard or bolted onto a deck or cement slab patio. They are available as propane models. They, too, have “L” series and a “T” series.

The AOG post models come with a heavy-duty, commercial quality, 304 grade stainless steel exteriors and burners. AOG offers a 24-inch model with two SR-18 stainless steel with titanium and chromium burners. They have heavy-duty stainless steel vaporizer panels and cooking grids. 

Post grills have drip collection systems, and a one-hour safety timer that automatically shuts off the gas. Most AOG post models have optional back burners and rotisseries with 4-prong adjustable meat holders (not available on OOSP models).

Here’s a video of the AOG grill features.

What Size & Weight Are American Outdoor Grills?

AOG’s built in series have 24 inches, 30 inches and 36 inch grids. The smallest built in weighs 115 pounds and the largest weighs 140 pounds.

The AOG portable grills have 24 inches, 30 inches and 36-inch grids. The 24-inch freestanding grill weighs 200 pounds while the 36-inch weighs in at 245 pounds.

Post models have 24-inch grills that weigh 155 pounds.

Do American Outdoor Grills Come With a Warranty?

AOG warrants their stainless steel burners for life. All other grill components are warranted for 10 years. The ignition and accessories (including side burners, motors and thermometers) are warranted for one year from date of sale. Vaporizer panels are warranted for 3 years.

For grills in a multi-user setting, AOG warrants the grills to be free from defects for 3 years for the stainless steel grill housing, grates, valves, and burners. All other components are warranted for 90 days.

Do American Outdoor Grills Also Manufacture BBQ Accessories?

AOG offers a nice choice of island system components. They make side burners, sear burners and rotisserie kits. For the post grills, they make a propane tank shield. 

Outdoor kitchen island accessories include access doors and drawers. 

What Do The Reviews Say About These Grills?

We found 40 reviews for American Outdoor Grills on Amazon, BBQ Guys, Fireplace Choice, Kick Ass Grills, eFireplace Choice and Flame Authority. We used ordinary buyer reviews and not expert reviews.

We found 40 reviews from verified buyers. The reviewers gave the AOG collection of gas grills 3.3 out of 5 stars.

A reviewer who had bought a post model loved the looks and thought it had fantastic function with even cooking. Another reviewer was a returning AOG buyer and was happy with the grill. One reviewer said it was high quality.

Most of the negative reviews were about the quality of the grill. One negative reviewer said that the quality was poor. The grill was four years old, and it needed several replacement parts for “rotted” parts like the valve manifold, vapor panels and burners. 

Another negative reviewer said it took 30 minutes to get to 450° F. A reviewer said their grill needed new parts and the replacement were very expensive.

How Much Do American Outdoor Grills Cost?

American Outdoor Grills are top of the line, stylish and sleek grills. AOG’s competition is Weber, Lynx and Coyote.

AOG built ins range from $1,600 to $2,600. Freestanding models cost between $2,600 and $3,700. AOG’s post models vary from $2,200 to $2,5700.

Are AOG any good?

How To Use An American Outdoor Grill

Follow these instructions to get up and running safely:

  1. Open the lid.
  2. Turn all control knobs to OFF.
  3. Turn on the gas source.
  4. Wait a few minutes and then check for gas leaks. You should be able to smell any gas leaking from the tank.
  5. Push and turn a control knob to HI LIGHT. The pilot should click on.
  6. If the burner does not light within 2 to 3 seconds, turn all the control knobs to OFF, wait 5 minutes and try again.
  7. Close the lid. Preheat for 10 minutes or until the grill thermometer reads 500° F.
  8. Then start cooking!

Here’s a video of steaks, hamburgers and a frozen pizza cooking on an AOG freestanding grill.

Are American Outdoor Grills Easy To Look After?

On the interior, AOG recommends keeping the burner ports and carry-over ports (see manual) and slots clean. Remove the burner and clean the slots and ports. If necessary, a spray oven cleaner can be used. Be sure not to spray oven cleaner on the exterior.

On the exterior, stainless steel sometimes discolors with high temperatures. AOG recommends using stainless steel liquid cleaners and rubbing in the direction of the grain. For the mirror finishes, use glass cleaners.

The drip collection system should be cleaned after each use. You can brush off the grate into the drip pan, then clean the pan with soap and water. For deep cleans, you can use spray oven cleaner on the drip pan.

How Do I Store My AOG Grill?

To avoid corrosion with salt, chlorinated air or blowing sand, keep your grill covered between uses. If you see rust, clean it with a stainless steel liquid cleanser.

If possible, store your grill under a roof during winter. Otherwise, store under a heavy cover.

Final Thoughts: Where Can I Buy an American Outdoor Grill?

American Outdoor Grills are sold on Amazon, BBQ Guys (website here), and at eFireplace Store (website here).

You’ll also find them at Fireplace and Grill (website here) and The BBQ Depot (website here), so go out and grab yourself a classic American grill today. 🙂

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