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Are Hestan Grills Worth The Money?

If you want to invest in an all American BBQ grill from an all American company, then look no further than Hestan Grills.

Hestan Grills are ‘built from scratch’ in the USA, and their factory is in Anaheim, California. An award winning brand launched in 2016, Hestan is a subsidiary of Meyer, the largest cookware supplier in America. Many reviewers love these grills, saying they were ‘stunned’ by their quality.

So let’s look into the Hestan brand in greater detail – and discover more about their heritage and product range. We’ll also look at using, cleaning and storing your grill properly too.

Are Hestan Grills Worth The Money?

Where Are Hestan Grills Made? (Are They Manufactured in The USA?)

If you’re looking for an all-American grill, go for Hestan. The company proudly states that each grill is “built from scratch” in the USA, and their factory is in Anaheim, California.

The company was founded by Helen and Stanley Cheng (He-stan – get it?), who had a background in commercial kitchens. The company has a large culinary portfolio, and as well as the commercial and outdoor brands, Hestan also produces kitchens, cookware, and wine form their Napa Valley vineyard.

Who Makes Hestan Grills? (Will They Stand Behind Their Products?)

Hestan is a subsidiary of Meyer, the largest cookware supplier in America (and the second largest in the world). They launched the Hestan Outdoor brand together in 2016.

Hestan and Meyer are proud that their Outdoor range is 100% made in the USA, and have won numerous awards for their indoor and outdoor products. They back this up with a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel casing and the burners.

What Products Are in The Hestan Grills Range?

Hestan offers a wide range of stylish, high-end outdoor kitchen appliances. Choose from built-in, and freestanding models, and unlike most brands, you can build your own cart-type grill by choosing the grill and then a base. You can also get additional burners to increase your cooking capacity.

As you’d expect from a brand that also creates commercial and indoor domestic kitchens, they have a selection of sleek-looking units and islands, letting you create a dreamy outdoor cooking zone.

You can even choose colors for your cabinet doors! Complete your kitchen with a refrigerator and sink. Honestly, you’ll never need to cook indoors again (and did we mention the chilled beer dispensers?).

What Size & Weight Are These Grills?

There are three sizes of grill: 30”, 36” and 42”. For a freestanding model, add about an extra 18” width onto this for the casings.

Do Hestan Grills Come With a Warranty?

They do, and like many high-end grills, different parts fall under different warranties. Registered grills get a one-year limited warranty, but the stainless steel grill body, stainless tubular grill burners, sear burners and (if you have one) rotisserie infrared burner have a lifetime warranty.

The grates and warming rack are guaranteed for ten years, and spit rod, briquette trays, manifolds, gas valves and sealed burner assemblies for five. Everything else has a two-year warranty. Of course, the usual exclusions apply, and you have to be using your grill “normally”.

Do Hestan Grills Also Make Accessories?

Yes, Hestan makes lovely cooking accessories. If you’re putting together a full outdoor kitchen, you’ll find some really luxe extras in the Hestan catalog, especially in their Aspire range. Surem they don’t have the longest list of accessories on the market, but that’s because most of their grills already have so many features.

You can add a charcoal tray to adapt your gas grill, or increase your culinary repertoire with a smoker set. Don’t forget to pick up the right-sized cover to keep your grill out of the elements. If you’re putting together a kitchen, Hestan has a great choice of accessories, from pull-out trash cans to ice bins.

What Do The Reviews Say About Hestan Grills?

Do Hestan grills live up to their reputation of top-quality, luxurious products? BBQ Guys, Designer Appliances and Amazing Ribs all rate Hestan highly, with Amazing ribs saying their grills are among the best they’ve used. Appliance Buyers’ Guide declared themselves “stunned” after trying a Hestan grill. BBQ Guys loved it from the moment they raised the spring-assisted hood.

But what about actual customers? Well, we found plenty of pro reviewers and bloggers, but even though you can buy Hestan at massive online retailers like Amazon, actual reviews of their grills are almost non-existent. (Please feel free to message us at Take A Yard if you have any feedback to share about your grill!)

So, unless you subscribe to a review site, you’re unlikely to find much from end users. However, with super-picky pros giving Hestan rave reviews, you can feel reassured that the grills live up to their reputation.

How Much Do Hestan Grills Cost?

At the luxury end of the yard kitchen market, expect to pay between $4,500 and $6,800 for a built-in grill (without the insulated jacket that you need for installation, which will add on up to about $850 depending on the size of your grill). If you want a cart rather than a kitchen unit, the stainless steel cart base will cost up to about $2,000 on top of the grill, again depending on the size you need.

For this, you are getting quality stainless steel, made-in-America equipment, with a lifetime warranty on much of the build. It’s quite an outlay, especially if you go for a kitchen unit and then you start adding the lovely extras. But, if you’re a keen outdoor chef, you may decide that it’s worth the money.

How Do I Use a Hestan Grill?

Hestan appliances have pretty much the same lighting instructions as most makes of grill.

  1. Hestan advises users to read the Use & Care manual before using the grill.
  2. Open the lid before lighting. 
  3. Choose which burner you want to use. Push and hold the selected knob for 5 seconds
  4. Turn the knob to “High” and the burner should light.
  5. Adjust the flame to whichever level you need (although preheating needs to be on ahigh heat).
  6. If it doesn’t light, turn everything off and try again in five minutes.

This process applies to all the different types of burner you can get with Heston grills (trellis, sear, rotisserie and side). Preheat the grill for 10-15 minutes, then simply enjoy the cooking experience, with a choice of all sorts of cooking methods, from a high heat sear to a slower rotisserie.

And don’t worry if you mislay your grill instructions, as you can download Hestan Outdoor product manuals on their website.

Hestan Grills BBQ

Are These Grills Easy To Maintain?

Hestan grills look incredible, and you want to keep those sleek surfaces looking as good as possible. So, regularly clean the outside with soapy water, working with the stainless steel’s grain. Never use anything abrasive.

To clean the inside, wearing heat-proof gloves, brush it when the grill is still hot. Heston advises using a wet brush, as the steam will help to remove particles. When the grill has cooled, remove the drip tray. Wash it to remove any grease or remnants, and make sure it’s thoroughly dried. Remember to replace it before the next use. 

The detailed Hestan manuals will take you through every aspect of grill housekeeping, such as how to remove the burners for a deep clean. Give it a thorough clean before winterizing it (see below for how to store your Hestan grill).

It’s definitely worth investing in a good quality cover if you live near the sea, as the salty atmosphere can cause rust spots. When the grill is cool, cover it between uses.

How Do I Store My Hestan Grill?

Get your Hestan grill ready for the winter with a few bits of essential maintenance. Disconnect the gas, then give the entire grill a thorough clean as above, then make sure it’s dry before putting it away. It’s super-important to remove any traces of food or grease, which could lead to mold, bugs or even rats

If you have a freestanding or cart-base grill, cover it with a proper grill cover (Hestan has their own range) and move it indoors. A shed, garage or other dry outbuilding is ideal. If you don’t have an indoor space for a large grill, make sure it’s securely covered and place it in the most sheltered spot you can find in your yard.

However, most Hestan grills form part of a larger outdoor kitchen unit. Hestan actually make a grill cover designed especially for built-in grills. Clean and dry your grill as before, then cover it until you need it again (but with a kitchen this gorgeous, we’re sure you’ll want to be out there cooking in all weathers…).

Summary: Where Can I Buy a Hestan Grill?

The main online BBQ stores sell Hestan (BBQ Guys and so on) as does Amazon.

If you prefer to buy from a local store, either Google your local area or use Hestan’s dealer search function on their website.

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