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Are Alfresco Grills Good? A Few Buying Tips!

In this article we’re doing a deep dive into the Alfresco Grills brand – to see if it’s worth investing your hard earned money in one. 

Alfresco Grills are made exclusively in the USA, in Southern California. Alfresco built in gas grills come in 30, 36, 42 and 56 inch models, and vary in weight from 200 to 320 pounds. Verified purchasers give Alfresco Grills 4 out of 5 stars.

To help you make an informed decision when investing in one of these grills, we’ve looked at the Alfresco Grills company and products in great detail – so we can answer all the questions you might have before parting with your cash. Let’s dive in…

Are Alfresco Grills Good?

Where Are Alfresco Grills Made? (Are They a US Firm?)

Alfresco Grills are made exclusively in the USA. Alfresco Open Air Culinary Systems is based in Southern California.

Who Makes Alfresco Grills? (Is This a Trusted Company?)

Alfresco Open Air Culinary Systems was launched in 1999. They are a child company of Superior Equipment Solutions, which manufactures the Artisan line. Their factory is located in City of Industry, California. They are committed to quality, innovation, customer satisfaction and value.

Alfresco’s commercial clients include Jean George, Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck. Eateries include California Pizza Kitchen, TGI Fridays, Applebees, Houston’s and The Cheesecake Factory. Alfresco has had articles published about them in Casual Living, Delta, Food and Wine and Cooking with Paula Deen. 

Here’s a video from Cathy Ireland’s Modern Living about Alfresco grills and outdoor kitchen islands.–WivVFxw&list=PLm5PUHT7eEjoU6eTnkMsYGETLlB_cIfxZ&index=2

Alfresco wants outdoor chefs and grill masters to have functional and modern outdoor kitchens at their fingertips. They manufacture all the parts you need for a complete outdoor kitchen, right down to the sink. 

Alfresco has more industry firsts, trademarks, and exclusive products than any other grill maker.

What Products Are in The Alfresco Grills Range?

Alfresco offers a large range of exceptional outdoor cooking and island design products. Alfresco products are restaurant-inspired and luxurious. They pride themselves on having state-of-the-art gas grills and grill accessories. 

Alfresco’s gas grill line includes built ins and portables (or freestanding). Gas hookups are propane and natural gas. 

Alfresco built in gas grills (ALXE collection) come in 30-inch, 36-inch, 42-inch and 56-inch models. All built in models come fitted for propane or natural gas. The models have 2, 3 and 4 burners. Alfresco grills are loaded with features.

All ALXE models are built from commercial grade, 304-grade, double-walled stainless steel. The grates are solid rolled stainless steel. The models come with stainless steel and titanium gas burners or a combination of gas and infrared burners. The ALXE models all have unique, pyramid-shaped briquettes designed to deliver heat evenly (up to 900° F surface temperature) and eliminate hot spots.

ALXE models come with an air-cooled control panel (to keep your hands and the electronics cool), amber LED control knob lighting, and interior halogen lighting. The hidden spiral torsion hood assist is stainless steel.

All sizes of the ALXE come standard with chain-drive rotisseries that can easily support up to 50 pounds of meat with a 12-inch diameter. All models have an integrated, infrared rotisserie burner on the back panel.

The integrated smoke drawer has a dedicated 5,000 BTU burner for “cold smoke”. The cold (200° F) smoke system blows smoke up onto meats. All models have smoke drawers that you can load up with herbs, wood chunks or liquids.

Some ALXE models come with a sear zone and for others the zone is optional. The infrared, ceramic sear zone can burn at temperatures up to 1500° F. A full-width drip pan comes out for easy cleaning. All models have a 3-position warming rack and an integrated temperature gauge.

The ALXE freestanding models have the same grill features and widths as built ins but are mounted on wheeled carts. Carts come as standard or deluxe. All carts have side shelves that fold out for plates or utensils.

Alfresco gas grill accessories include side grills, an indirect roasting pod, commercial griddle, wok, teppanyaki griddle, steamer fryer, and food warmer.

What Size & Weight Are Alfresco Grills?

Alfresco built in gas grills come in 30 inch, 36 inch, 42 inch and 56 inches. Their weights vary from 200 pounds to 320 pounds.

Freestanding gas grills come in the same sizes as the built ins. With the carts, the weight of these grills ranges from 330 to 550 pounds.

Do Alfresco Grills Come With a Warranty?

Alfresco has a limited lifetime warranty for their grills. They warrant that, for the original purchaser, all stainless steel burners and grates will be free from defects for life.

They cover all parts and labor to repair or replace any defective part for 2 years. For briquette trays, gas valves and drip pans, the warranty extends 5 years. For the igniter, the period is 1 year.

What Do The Reviews Say About Alfresco Grills?

Alfresco products are not for sale on Amazon. We looked for reviews on authorized dealer websites, like BBQ Guys, BBQ Depot and Barbeques Galore. We used verified purchasers and not expert reviewers.

There aren’t many reviews from verified buyers out there. We found 11. These verified purchasers gave Alfresco Grills 4 out of 5 stars. 

Most purchasers loved the quality and smooth operation of the grills. They thought the grill was just as advertised.

One reviewer thought the grill was top of the line. It cooked evenly and the grill was professional quality. Another reviewer had mixed feelings – although the hot temperature was good for most grilling, the reviewer found it too hot for chicken or burgers.

Another reviewer loved the grill. It heated up fast, was easy to control and was well-built. They would recommend the grill to anyone.

The overall average stars are heavily weighted by some negative reviews. One reviewer felt that the external grill quality was great but that small parts were thin. They had replaced the briquette tray twice. Replacement parts were expensive.

How Much Do Alfresco Grills Cost?

Alfresco grills are luxury items. They are restaurant-inspired and loaded with standard features that are optional in many other grill lines.

Built in grills range from $4,100 up to top of the line 56-inch grills at $8400. The freestanding, cart models begin at $4,900 and range up to the largest grill at $10,200.

How To Use An Alfresco Grill

  1. Be sure to check for gas leaks before turning on any burners. You should be able to smell a leak, or you can use a soap solution (check your manual for this procedure).
  2. Alfresco recommends preheating the gas burners for up to 15 minutes and the infrared sear burners for 4 minutes.
  3. Turn all the control knobs to off.
  4. Turn on the gas supply, either at the propane tank or the natural gas line.
  5. Stand as far back as you can and still reach the control knobs.
  6. Depress the igniter button and hold it down.
  7. At the same time, push and turn one burner counterclockwise on to MAX for gas burners or ON for the sear zone. If you are lighting both to preheat, light the gas burners first, then the infrared sear burner.
  8. The burner should ignite. For the first burner, this may take a few seconds.
  9. If the burner doesn’t ignite, turn the burner back to OFF, wait five minutes and try again.
  10. Adjust the knob to the desired temperature.
  11. Start the preheating with the burners on MAX and the grill lid closed.

Here’s a video on starting the grill from Alfresco.

Alfresco Grills BBQ

Are Alfresco Grills Easy To Maintain?

Alfresco grills are stainless steel. Stainless steel is used in many commercial kitchens because it is durable and easy to clean. Stainless steel needs some maintenance.

For the outside of the grill, wipe it down after every use with a soft, damp, soapy cloth, then rinse. For greasy spots, use a cream cleanser on a cloth and rinse. Alfresco grills have a polish grain – clean with the grain. You should never use abrasive cleaners. Stainless steel cleaners work well.

For the grate, Alfresco recommends scrubbing after each meal with a nylon or stainless steel bristle brush dipped in soapy water. Wear a BBQ mitt to protect your hands from steam.

How Do I Store My Alfresco Grills?

Alfresco grills come with grill covers and Alfresco recommends that the grill is cleaned and covered between uses. Keeping the grill covered will prevent corrosion from salt air, chlorinated air, wind-driven sand, and harsh UV rays.

If possible, store your freestanding grill in a garage or storage area for the winter – if you don’t plan on any winter grilling.

Conclusion: Where Can I Buy My Alfresco Grill?

Alfresco grill distributors are all over the US – and Canada too. See Alfresco’s website for all the authorized dealers. You can reach Alfresco with questions at (888) 383-8800 or (323) 722-7900.

BBQ Depot is an authorized dealer. Here’s a link to The BBQ Depot or call them at 1-877-983-0451. 

Another authorized dealer is Barbeques Galore here, or call them at 1-800-GRILLUP. 

BBQ Guys sell Alfresco grills here, or call them at 1-800-949-2242.

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