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Are Summerset Grills Good?

Looking at the Summerset brand for your next high-quality grill? This article has got you covered.

Summerset Grills are a Californian company established in 2002. They went from importing grills to building their own in the USA. Their grill factory is in Huntington Beach, and their outdoor kitchen facility is in Corona. Reviewers give these grills 5 out of 5 stars.

Join us as we dive down into the story behind the Summerset brand, and answer all the most popular questions about buying and using these grills and their accessories…

Are Summerset Grills Good?

Where Are Summerset Grills Manufactured? (Is it The USA?)

The usual story is that small, made-in-the-USA grill manufacturers become successful, then have to start shipping in parts for their products. Summerset is kind of the other way around. The company began by importing grills from overseas, but as their brand grew, they actually started making them in the USA.

These days, they still import some items; however the Builder, Alturi, and American Muscle series grills are made in the US, as are some of their outdoor kitchen parts (like Madera). Even the steel they use is made in the USA. The TLR and Sizzler series are, we believe, still imported, as are a few of the components.

Who Makes Summerset Grills? (Can I Trust Them?)

The Californian company was established in 2002. They went from importing grills to building their own. They have two factories: the grill facility in Huntington Beach, and the outdoor kitchen facility in Corona.

Summerset offers a good warranty on their products (lifetime for the case,frame, grills, burners, and valves), so they clearly expect them to work.

What Products Are in The Summerset Grills Collection?

Summerset offers a range of gas outdoor grills, with a choice of built-in and freestanding models. Sizes range from 26 to 44 inches. There’s also a range of cooking accessories such as extra burners, griddles, smoker trays, and rotisseries.

It’s not just about the grill, though: it’s about the whole kitchen. Summerset makes everything you need for an outdoor kitchen, from robust (but stylish) storage to refrigerators. Add a sink, a hood, and an ice chest, and you’re ready for anything.

What Size & Weight Are Summerset Grills?

The Sizzler Pro burner size ranges from 26” to 40”, and that’s the case with both built-in and freestanding models. If you want something even larger, the TRLD grill has a 44” burner. For the cutout dimensions for your outdoor kitchen, Summerset produces a whole guide to grill and outdoor kitchen component sizes and measurements.

They’re solidly made grills. For example, the 44 inch TRL Deluxe built-in Summerset grill weighs 229 pounds.

Naturally, the freestanding models are much larger. The biggest is the 44 inch grill, with the whole unit (based on the TRL Deluxe freestanding model) measuring W: 71” x D 25.5” x H 46.5”. We couldn’t find the weight of these mighty grills, but we reckon they’re pretty solid…

Is There a Warranty With Summerset Grills?

Summerset offers a lifetime warranty on construction and manufacturer’s defects, on the frame and housing, and on the grates, burners, and valves. It’s five years for the briquettes, and three for the electrical components and all other parts.

Find out more on the Warranty page on Summerset’s website.

Do Summerset Grills Also Make Accessories?

Yes, Summerset grills do make accessories. You can increase your cooking repertoire with a rotisserie or a smoker tray. You can also pick up a drop-in infrared sear burner for fantastic sizzling results. 

Summerset also makes practical accessories for assembling your grill and outdoor kitchen, such as mounting plates, refrigerator surrounds, and countertop mounting stanchions. There are also covers to fit all their sizes of grills.

What Do The Reviews Say About Summerset Grills?

As we often find, there are few consumer reviews of higher-end grills. We found the grand total of 4 reviews for the Sizzler Pro 32 inch built-in grill, which to be honest, was as busy as it got for Summerset products on Amazon’s review section. So, what did these few discerning reviewers think of their $1,850 Summerset grill?

Three rated it five stars and the fourth four stars out of a possible five. The reviewers liked its size and versatility, and one felt it was great value. 

A search through more general Google reviews for Summerset grills shows that customers like the quality, the heat, the temperature control, and the company’s helpful customer service team (with special shout-outs to Ian from the company’s technical support department).

How Much Do Summerset Grills Cost?

Prices vary depending on size and features, but on the whole, Summerset grills aren’t budget models, but are aimed at people looking for quality components and a pro-style cooking experience.

The 26” built-in Sizzler is around $1,300, and the freestanding version is less than $2,000 – a good option if you want Summerset quality but want to set yourself a budget. The Sizzler Pro series has a few more features so costs a bit more: the freestanding 40” grill is approximately $3,500.

Moving up the ranges, the TRL deluxe 44” model is over $4,100, while its freestanding equivalent is about $5,730. At the top end, the Alturi freestanding 42” grill will set you back $7,700: this feature-rich grill was made in the USA from quality 304 stainless steel. Find out more about the Summerset premium Alturi series in this short YouTube film.

How To Use a Summerset Grill

All the grills are gas-powered, so each has pretty much the same start-up procedure. Summerset’s website has a great series of manuals to accompany their grills, complete with super-clear diagrams, so you can easily find the right instructions for your particular grill.

To give you a general idea of using a Summerset grill, we looked at the Sizzler Pro guide:

  1. Open the hood before lighting the grill, and turn all the knobs to Off
  2. Turn on the gas supply
  3. Press in the control knob, then gently turn it slightly counterclockwise while still holding it in
  4. Hold it like this for 5 seconds
  5. Turn the knob counterclockwise again, past the ignition to the high setting. You’ll hear a click as it ignites (this is the one-time click of the spark ignition)
  6. When it’s lit, you can set it to your desired level by turning the knob 
  7. Pre-heat your grill before each use. This makes sure the briquettes heat up properly and you get a lovely consistent heat. Light all the main burners, close the hood, then leave it for ten to fifteen minutes (it should each around 450 degrees fahrenheit during this period). Then, adjust it to your desired temperature, and shut down any burners that you won’t be needing

Are Summerset Grills Easy To Maintain?

Summerset grills are nice-looking appliances, and the way to keep them like that is to clean yours after every use.

The manual suggests burning off then cleaning food debris after each use, by leaving the grill in for 15 minutes. It also recommends leaving it to cool, flipping over the burner covers, then burning it off again.

It’s important to empty the drip tray after each use, to prevent a build-up of grease. When the grill is cool, remove the tray, wash it with soapy water, rinse, dry, and return.

Make sure the tray doesn’t fill with water if it rains. Try to keep the hood closed and ideally, the whole grill covered, but if it does get rained on, don’t let water sit in the tray.

What about that stylish steel exterior? Again, a wipe down after every cooking session will prevent a build-up of grease splatters and other debris. Wash it regularly with warm soapy water, and you can use a stainless steel polish.

If you live near the coast, you’ll need to be especially careful as salty air can cause damage. Keep it clean and dry, think about using a cover, and you can apply a rust inhibitor if you live right next to the beach and are worried about corrosion. 

Summerset Grills

How Do I Store My Summerset Grill?

A set of Summerset covers is definitely a good investment. The website offers grill covers to suit every size of model, including neat editions that tuck neatly over built-in models.

Before winterizing or just covering your Summerset grill, give it a thorough clean to prevent mould growth or rodents and bugs moving in. Make sure it’s completely dry, then cover it. If your grill is built-in to your outdoor kitchen, you’ll simply have to cover just the grill component.

If you have a freestanding cart type model, clean and dry it, cover it, then wheel it indoors over the winter. It needs a safe, dry space; and make sure it’s secure, as these are expensive items.

Final Words: Where Can I Buy a Summerset Grill?

Summerset’s website has a “Find A Dealer” function and also recommends stores based on your location.

They also list their approved online retailers, which includes BBQ Guys, The GrillFather, and Woodland Direct. Amazon has some stock, as well as a range of accessories. 

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