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11 Pergola Decorating Ideas To Inspire You

A stylish pergola can soon become the centerpiece of any outside space, and they look even more beautiful if you take some time to decorate them.

From select pieces of furniture, linen and lights, to flowers, wind chimes and ornaments – there are many ways to decorate your pergola to make a statement in your backyard, and to prepare for weddings and parties.

With that said, let’s look at 11 great ideas to inspire you and get that creativity flowing.

1. Decorate Your Pergola With Lounge Furniture

A tranquil place to relax on a warm summer’s day, you can decorate your pergola with select pieces of outdoor furniture. How about a comfortable sofa or some recliner chairs, complemented by a coffee table and an outdoor rug? If you’ve got a larger pergola you can all in with a full three piece outdoor furniture suite. It’s time to make a statement and impress the neighbors.

2. Decorate Your Pergola With Dining Furniture

The ideal location for a family lunch or an evening meal with friends, your pergola will set off a choice dining table and matching chairs extremely well. Will wood or metal dining furniture go best with your style of pergola – or perhaps wicker or glass will fit the bill? It’s time to put on your designer’s hat and start thinking about what will work in your specific setup.

3. Decorate Your Pergola With Lights

The options for lighting your pergola are endless, and will create a magical scene when the darkness of evening arrives. Try some string lights or hanging bulbs, multi-colored fairy lights or LED spots. Alternatively, why not opt for candles in jars for that rustic feel, or a chandelier hanging above the table for a classy, traditional look. There’s a load you can do with lighting options, and you can power it all from the mains, batteries or even solar energy if you want to go green.

4. Decorate Your Pergola With Fabric

From colorful hanging fabric panels to classic white linen drapes, there is much to think about when choosing which fabrics to use when decorating your pergola. You could add a throw or two to select pieces of furniture or go for an elegant table cloth -or how about a hanging tapestry or oriental rug to create a chilled out vibe? It’s up to you to make an impression.

5. Decorate Your Pergola With Lanterns

Whether positioned on the dining table, coffee table or hanging from the rafters of the pergola itself – lanterns can be an especially beautiful addition to your outside space. Creating a truly magical feel, the wide variety of lanterns styles available will give you plenty to think about. Will you choose traditional metal or oriental designs, or opt for the simplicity of paper? It’s over to you.

wedding pergola
Decorate Your Pergola With Flowers or Lights

6. Decorate Your Pergola With Wind Chimes

A great accompaniment for lanterns and string lights, wind chimes come in many different styles and can be made of wood, metal or synthetic materials. Generating a mystical and relaxing sound when they gently blow in the breeze, you can buy several different chimes to position around your pergola to create a magical atmosphere. Most will hang from the ceiling struts of the structure itself, whilst some larger examples come with their own freestanding frames to hang within.

7. Decorate Your Pergola With Photographs

A brilliant idea for a birthday party, why not celebrate the big day of a beloved friend or family member by decorating your pergola with photographs? Other guests can provide their favorite photos of the person celebrating, and you can use wooden clothes pegs to pin them up to string or ribbon, and attach some to the pillars or the pergola and fabric panels.

If you’re starting to get some great ideas about decorating your pergola, then this video will give you even more 🙂

8. Decorate Your Pergola With Plants & Flowers

Why not let your garden take over your pergola a little bit, by training and encouraging greenery and flowering plants to grow up around the pillars and roof? You can also position potted flowers and ornamental trees inside the pergola, or even choose some ornamental fruit trees or potted bonsai to sit on the deck. This way you’ll create a wonderful natural environment to relax in.

9. Decorate Your Pergola For a Wedding

Weddings are the perfect excuse to really go to town on your pergola decorations. You can combine many elements here, including fabric drapes, strings lights and lanterns – plus flower garlands, bouquets and ornate table decorations if you’re dining outside after the service. If you really get creative you can create a truly magical and special space for the happy couple to celebrate in.

10. Decorate Your Pergola For Summer

Think cushions, rugs and bean bags for the summer months, plus poufs, easy chairs, hammocks and recliners – even a day bed or chaise longue if you’re feeling really extravagant. Fabrics will be important to act as heat and sun shields in the warmer months too. So consider covering the roof of you pergola and perhaps three sides to create a cool, intimate outside room where you can withdraw to read a book in the shade.

garden gnome

11. Decorate Your Pergola With Ornaments

Many people love garden ornaments like statues, gnomes and fairies, so why not show your sense of humor and position a few around your pergola? If you want a traditional and stylish look you could opt for some classical statues and accompanying urns – or for a bit of fun you could choose some of your favorite film or cartoon characters to give some life to your backyard. You could even bring some toys or lego outside and make the whole pergola into a playroom. Go on – your kids will love it!

Bonus tip: Decorate Your Pergola with Grapes (Like shown in the first photo of this article)

Grapevines are known for their lush, green foliage, and they can create a natural and organic aesthetic that enhances the overall beauty of the pergola. The foliage provides a lovely canopy of shade, making it an ideal spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Once the grapevines have established themselves and are growing healthily, they will eventually bear fruit. The clusters of grapes hanging from the vines add an enchanting touch to the pergola’s design. Grapes come in various colors, such as green, red, or purple, and they can add vibrancy to the overall appearance.

Throughout the year, the grapevines and grapes offer visual interest that changes with the seasons. In spring, you’ll witness fresh green growth and the emergence of new grape clusters. Summer brings full foliage and the maturing of the grapes, while autumn displays beautiful foliage colors and the harvest of ripe grapes. Even in winter, the bare vines can create an elegant and rustic appeal.


Whether you’re feeling fun or flirtatious, chilled out, or ready to party – your pergola can provide the backdrop for many happy memories with your friends and family. From weddings and birthdays to relaxed evening meals and family lunches, your pergola can be decorated to match the look and feel of any occasion.

Lights, lanterns, grapevines, and wind chimes evoke magic and mysticism, while soft furnishings and hanging fabrics create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and family members alike.

So it’s up to you to get creative, there are millions of decorating ideas for your pergola – and you’re only limited by your imagination!

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