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12 Decking Decoration Ideas on a budget!

Let’s face it, decking is very practical but it can look a bit bland if left as just raw wood, so it’s a nice idea to add some character to your deck if possible.

From lights and garden furniture to fire pits and water features, decorating your decking needn’t be overly expensive. Whether you choose to simply stain or paint your decking, decorate it with tile or introduce potted plants, making your decking look attractive can definitely be done on a budget.

Let’s consider some of the best ways of decorating your decking below…

12 Ways to Make Your Deck Look Nice On a Shoestring

1. Raise Your Deck a Tad

If you want to take the appearance of your deck to the next tier, then it can be a fantastic idea to raise it just a bit. That’s due to the fact that doing so can introduce depth to an outdoor space that’s totally level.

If you take the time to raise your deck a little, then it may introduce the impression of a couple of distinctive spaces, both with their own “personalities” and vibes. It can bring in a feeling of diversity as well. If you like hosting outdoor parties under the gentle glow of the sun, it can be a smart idea to mix things up in the decking department.

2. Zero in on Privacy and Discretion

Outdoor spaces aren’t usually the most private places in the world. They don’t necessarily have to be places that make you feel as though you’re on display for your entire neighborhood to see, however. If you want to establish a backyard that feels like a cozy and serene haven of sorts, then you can zero in on your deck before doing anything else at all.

It can be wonderful to grow a neat and straight line of visually appealing evergreens if you have the time and energy to do so. If you throw in a handful of green elements, then it can make the rest of your deck and outdoor space look even more memorable. A little bit of greenery can make a deck that used to look somewhat plain a stunner, after all.

3. Take the Tile Approach

Tile is a versatile material that can be amazing for everything from indoor flooring to outdoor deck decoration. Decks basically showcase the fact that tile is a material that has the power to beat wood in the outdoor decoration department. Cleaning tile, first and foremost, is a total piece of cake.

Tile offers additional visual charms, too. Tile tends to be a lot more vibrant than wood is in the aesthetic arena. Peoples’ gazes tend to gravitate to tile a lot more rapidly. Wood often pales in comparison to tile in the outdoor design excitement sense. What else can you do to complement the tile elements of your deck? You can bring in extras such as vines and even lanterns.

4. Think About Getting Your Hands on an Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire pit installation can often be a terrific idea for people who want to decorate their decks like champions. Fire pits can give off toasty atmospheres. They can make people feel at ease. If you want to encourage people who visit your home to be able to relax and take things slowly, then there are few things that can work better than a classic fire pit can.

You should zero in on the installation of a fire pit in a color that’s subtle and modest rather than flashy and overly bright. If you want your fire pit to feel even more welcoming to everyone, then you can think about including a couple of soft and cute throw pillows to the equation.

5. Try Your Hand at Floor Painting Work

Decorating the deck that’s in your outdoor space doesn’t have to be a costly, complex or time-consuming project in any sense. If you’re interested in jazzing up the ambiance of your deck, the answer may be as simple as going for floor painting work, or choosing an attractive wood stain.

You can also create a fresh and energizing feel with colors such as white and navy blue. Stripes can work like a charm. Other helpful additions include coffee tables and bistro chairs. If you zero in on all of these elements, that can pave the way for a deck and an outdoor feel that’s spirited and enticing at the same exact time.

6. Get an Umbrella That You Can Fold for Your Deck

Hanging out on the deck can be a joy. It can sometimes get a little bright on particularly sunny summer and spring afternoons, though. If you want to protect yourself from hours and hours on end of unpleasant squinting, then it may just be in your best interests to secure an umbrella that easily and rapidly folds.

These aren’t just functional. That’s because they’re also extremely visually appealing. Foldable umbrellas are on hand in a broad array of styles and colors. You can go for one that has a design scheme that can complement your existing deck and outdoor space to a tee. These umbrellas can make any and all desks instantly appear a lot more stylish.

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Deck Decorating Ideas on a Budget

7. Remember That You Cannot Go Wrong With Greenery

Greenery is your friend. Greenery looks like a million dollars in any outdoor space. Beyond that, it can contribute to an outdoor space that has fresh and welcoming aura for all. If you want to breathe easily and revel in a deck that’s conducive to optimal health, that it can help to introduce as many greenery elements to the mix as possible.

You can give your deck a sense of vitality with the inclusion of trailing vines and potted plants galore. The more plants you get, the better. Just be sure you have sufficient time for maintenance purposes.

8. Say Hello to a Lovely Wooden Square Lattice Wall

It can be an amazing idea to say hello to a gorgeous wooden square lattice wall. You can tack this wall onto a single edge of your existing deck if at all possible. This can establish something that reminds people of classic walls, after all.

You can also concentrate on including a couple of visually enticing plants including climbing roses and perhaps even clematis. If you give these types of plants a couple of years, they’ll dazzle you with gorgeous and memorable blooms.

9. Make Water a Part of Your Deck

Water symbolizes life. It can also do a lot for the ambiance of any deck, period. Water doesn’t only look serene. It sounds just as serene, too. It can be fantastic to spruce your deck up with a classic water feature.

You can think about going forward with options like a timeless fountain. If you’re not interested in taking the fountain approach, that’s fine. Water gardens tend to be just as lovely and alluring.

10. Construct an Overhang

Do you have a deck that protrudes noticeably and that travels to a spot that’s nowhere close to your primary residence? If you do, then it can be smart to construct an overhang on top of the seated section on the side. This can come in handy for dimension and shade applications alike.

Try to zero in on materials that are 100 percent natural if at all possible. Natural choices can remind people that they’re outdoors and not inside of a stuffy indoor space.

11. Go for a Railing That’s Made Out of Glass

It can be swell to try out a railing that’s made out of glass. This kind of barrier can do a lot for the feeling of your deck. It can help to steer clear of railings that are sealed away or that are solid and therefore impossible to see through.

If you want to contribute to the wonders of a deck that looks like it’s directly connected to the soft clouds over you, this type of railing can be a true game changer. It can be a terrific option for people who want to establish deck vistas that they can stare at blissfully for ages.

12. Lights, Lights Lights!

String lights, lanterns, colored lights and solar LED’s – you can’t go wrong decorating your decking with a beautiful light display.

Especially effective when the evening draws in, choosing some elegant lighting options for your decking will create a welcoming and magical space for dinner parties and summer nights spent outside.

Summary: Decking Decorating Ideas

Ultimately, sprucing up your decking can be achieved quite easily – even on a budget. 

Try painting or staining the wood, adding some colorful potted plants and greenery, or perhaps introduce a water feature or fire pit.

Choose some attractive decking furniture to complete the effect, and you’ll be looking forward to many happy times spent on your decking with friends and family in the days and nights to come.

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