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Are Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Any Good?

As our exciting home reno reaches the ‘fitting out’ stage, we’re looking at what ceiling fans to install in our covered porch in the yard. We’ve recently come across the Harbor Breeze brand, but are they any good?

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are made by Texan importer and manufacturing firm Litex Industries and are a Lowe’s house brand. However, it appears Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are made overseas, probably in China. Real reviewers give these products 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Let’s dive down into the topic of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans in greater detail, and find out all there is to know about their company history, products, and brand…

Where Are Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Made? (Are They Made in The USA?)

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are a Lowe’s house brand; however, they’re actually made by Litex Industries. Litex is a Texan company that specializes in ceiling fans and lighting.

It’s not easy to establish where exactly Harbor Breeze fans are made. However, the brand doesn’t appear in any list of “Made in America” goods, so it’s pretty safe to assume that Harbor Breeze fans (or at least some of their components) are manufactured abroad.

Who Makes Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans? (Will They Stand Behind Their Products?)

Litex Industries makes Harbor Breeze fans for Lowe’s. The Texan company also owns Craftmade, another ceiling fan brand.

However, for most of us, if we have a problem with a Harbor Breeze fan, we take or send it back to Lowe’s.

Are Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Noisy or Quiet?

On the whole, Harbor Breeze fans are nice and quiet. We’ve read a fair few pro and consumer reviews of Harbor Breeze fans, and motor or movement noise isn’t a big issue for this brand.

However, some people have mentioned a clicking sound in older fans. In many cases, this isn’t a major issue. The click can be stopped by tightening the blade which may have slipped over time.

Sometimes, the blades bend slightly with age, and this causes them to click as they knock against something. It could also be that one of the parts is a bit loose. 

What Products Are in The Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Collection?

Harbor Breeze has a great collection of ceiling fans. Some have integrated lights, while others can be adapted to work with a light. The range starts with a basic white fan and light for under $50, and goes up to a magnificent rustic-wood-effect, ten-blade model for around $300.

In between these two extremes, there’s every sort of ceiling fan you can imagine. The more you spend, the more upscale you get (look out for features such as remote control operation); however, there’s a fantastic choice of models in the $100-150 price bracket.

Lowe’s website is super-helpful and gives you lots of information about Harbor Breeze fans. For example, it recommends which fans you need for the room size, and which ones are suitable for humid environments like bathrooms and kitchens. Some can be used outdoors.

Another factor to take into account is your ceiling height: you don’t want tall folks colliding with the ceiling fan. If you have a low ceiling, go for a flush-mounted model, which will gain you an extra few inches of headroom. 

For high ceilings, you need to suspend the fan otherwise you’re missing out on its cooling benefits. Choose a model with a downrod, and opt for a larger diameter if you can, so the fan doesn’t appear lost in the large space. 

And of course, there’s a variety of finishes to suit your decor. There are some real traditional models with dark wooden blades, or go ultra-modern with sleek or brushed metallic finishes. If you don’t want the fan to stand out, there are several plain white options. Style-wise, brushed nickel, matte bronze, and rustic wood are all on-trend.

What Size & Weight Are Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans?

A mid-range, five-blade ceiling fan typically measures 44 inches in diameter. This is the ideal size to cool a room that measures up to 100 square feet. Go up a size to 52 inches (another popular option), and you can cool a medium to large space.

The largest Harbor Breeze fans in terms of actual size is the Twin Breeze range. These fans have two fan heads on either side of a light. Each fan has three blades, and the whole thing measures 70 inches plus in length.

There are also mighty single-fan head designs that measure between 60 and 70 inches in diameter. These powerful fans are suitable for large rooms of up to 400 square feet.

What about their more compact range? You can get a dinky Harbor Breeze ceiling fan that measures just 24 inches in diameter. Don’t assume that small doesn’t mean powerful, however, as some of the compact models can still cool the air in a room measuring up to 100 square feet.

Remember to take room height into account when choosing the right size fan, as you’ll need to choose between flush-mounted models and those that come with a downrod.

If you need to install a ceiling fan with a downrod, watch this short film. Installing a downrod extension is a good idea if you have a high ceiling, otherwise the fan will be just a dot in the distance and you won’t get the true benefit of the cooling airflow. 

Do Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Come With a Warranty?

Most Harbor Breeze ceiling fans come with a limited lifetime warranty. This means that your fan is covered for manufacturer’s defects and also that the motor is covered. Because they’ve put their name to it, Lowe’s offers extra warranties for parts and labor.

In most cases, any problems with your fan and you’ll simply get back in touch with Lowe’s, either online or locally in store.

What Do The Reviews Say About Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans?

We had a look at Lowe’s own website to find out what customers think about their Harbor Breeze ceiling fans.

We took a standard ceiling fan, the classic 52-inch, brushed nickel, five-blade fan, available as a downrod or flush mount fitted fan. It costs around $50. It has 618 ratings, and has scored 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 stars.

The purchasers like this fan for its easy installation, quiet running volume, and good performance when it comes to moving air. Several reviewers also mention that they find it good value for money. 

The downside? The click was mentioned, and a couple of reviewers commented that it wobbled a bit. However, on the whole, the five-blade, brushed nickel fan is a hit, and at fifty dollars, who’s complaining? 

So, how do the more expensive and upscale fans match up? The Hydra 70-inch fan with 8 bladed currently retails at around $280. It has 6-speed settings, including a “variable breeze” mode that recreates the feel of a natural breeze. 

It scores 3.9 stars out of 5, based on just over 400 reviews. What did customers like about this more upscale fan? Customers appreciate the remote control, and again, it’s quiet.

Reviewers comment about how good it is at moving air, especially in rooms with high ceilings. Many chose to use a longer 12” downrod with this model.

The negative points? Some queried the speed of the fan and the subsequent disappointing airflow. It seems that changing the downrod for a longer one helps – although at this price, do you really want to adapt the fan?

How about a mid-range ceiling fan? The Altissa 52-inch indoor/outdoor fan with a stylish light (five-blade) costs around $160. Out of 42 reviews, it scored 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Customers liked its looks (and it really is a fine-looking piece) and quality, and a few people commented on how nice the light is. Less good? According to some reviewers, the airflow.

What Do The Reviews Say About Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans?
What Do The Reviews Say About Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans?

How Much Do Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Cost?

Looking at Lowe’s website, there’s a good range of prices for Harbor Breeze. The cheapest models cost less than $50. If you choose the white finish, the entry-level ceiling fan is currently just $35.

At the other end, you can pay closer to $300 for a large and stylish ceiling fan. As the cost goes up, so do the features: expect more speeds, an outdoor-proof construction, and feature-full remote operation.

You also get a better choice of fashionable finishes. Having said that, there’s a lot of choice of designs and finishes in the $100-$200 price range, and 

Summary: Where Can I Buy a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan?

Harbor Breeze is Lowe’s house brand for ceiling fans. You can buy them in-store if you like to see what you’re buying. However, you’ll get a wider choice online from Lowe’s own website.

You can also buy a limited range of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans at Amazon and Walmart

Don’t expect to find Harbor Breeze at Home Depot though – their house brand for ceiling fans is Hampton Bay.

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