Is BJ’s Owned By Walmart? (Your Questions Answered)

BJ’s is a family favorite in our household, but like so much else, are they owned by that commerce giant Walmart?

BJ’s is not owned by Walmart, and rejected an offer from them in 2011. BJ’s returned to being a public company in 2018, having been acquired by Leonard Green & Partners and CVC Capital Partners in 2011. However, Sam’s Club, a competitor of BJ’s, is a subsidiary of Walmart. 

Let’s dive down into the topic of the BJ’s brand in greater detail, and discover everything you’ve ever wanted to know (and didn’t know you wanted to know) about this historic US firm…

Is BJ’s Owned By Walmart?

Who Is BJ’s Owned by?

BJ’s isn’t owned by Walmart: in fact, BJ’s turned down an offer from Walmart a few years ago. BJ’s returned to being a public company in 2018, having been acquired by Leonard Green & Partners and CVC Capital Partners in 2011. Sam’s Club, which is similar to BJ’s, is a subsidiary of Walmart. 

Are Sam’s Club and BJ’s the Same Company?

No, Sam’s Club and BJ’s aren’t the same company, although they have a similar membership model. Sam’s Club is a subsidiary of the mighty Walmart, while BJ’s is a public company. Together with Costco, these three clubs ensure that you’ll never be too far from a wholesale warehouse!

Is Costco and BJ’s the Same Company?

There are three main players in the wholesale club warehouse game: Costco, BJ’s, and Sam’s Club. All three are separate entities (although Sam’s is a subsidiary of Walmart). Which one you shop at depends largely upon where you live: BJ’s is predominantly East Coast for example, while Sam’s is big in Texas.

Is BJ’s Cheaper Than Walmart?

The general feeling is that Walmart is cheaper for most things; however, there are some things that make BJ’s membership definitely worthwhile. These include baby products, laundry products, and coffee. Go to BJ’s for bulk baking supplies or spices (provided you can get through them before they expire!).

Does BJs Have Their Own Brand?

Yes, BJ’s has their own brand, the Berkley Jensen range. This covers a variety of products (45 categories, according to BJ’s website), and is generally good value.

The BJ’s own-brand range is where you can make savings on items such as baby products and bathroom products. BJ’s also has their own farm brand for chicken, Wellesley Farm.

Who Is Better BJ or Costco?

Looking around at reviews and comparison sites, BJ’s is generally cheaper than Costco. However,if you really want bulk discounts, Costco is seen as the better place to go. 

For a typical family shop, BJ’s is better, because you can get good prices without having to fill up your cart. In some ways, it’s closer to a large grocery store, and its butcher’s counters mean that you don’t have to buy fresh meat in bulk.

Of course, your choice may simply come down to where you live. Costco is the bigger company, with well over 700 stores right across the US. BJ’s is mainly in the East (and Ohio), and has around 220 locations.

Who Has Better Prices BJ’s or Costco?

Generally speaking, BJ’s is a bit cheaper, but Costco works out as great value for bulk discounts. The cost of annual membership is similar (there’s about five dollars in it, favoring BJ’s).

BJ’s is also good for discount coupons, and members get regular mailings offering them special deals. If you like to shop for a special offer, BJ’s is worth looking into.

What’s Better BJ’s or Sams?

Currently at $45 per year, Sam’s Club membership is slightly cheaper than BJ’s and about $15 cheaper than Costco. BJ’s is a lot smaller than Sam’s Club, which has around 600 stores around the States. 

In terms of shopping experience, Sam’s Club has more food courts than BJ’s (which is mostly donuts only), so if you’re after a real trip out, your local Sam’s Club may be more fun.

Which Is Cheaper Sams or BJs?

Sam’s Club has the cheapest membership ($45 for the basic membership); however, in shopping surveys, it often comes behind the other two wholesalers when it comes to the cost of the goods in your cart.

Can You Go to BJ’s Without a Membership?

If you want to buy something at BJ’s without committing to a membership, there are a couple of options. You can get a 24-hour online pass, which allows you to shop on their website without joining.

Or, you can go into store and browse before deciding. It costs nothing to walk into a BJ’s, so you can take a look at what you want to purchase, make a few calculations, and if you want to go for it, pick up a one-day membership. 

This single-day pass means you’ll have to pay a 20% surcharge on your shopping, so it may actually be worth spending the $55 for a full year’s pass, depending on what you wanted to buy. Look out for special deals, such as three-week trial memberships.

Never been to a BJ’s? Take a look at this useful walk-through of a BJ’s. The short YouTube film will give you a good idea of a typical BJ’s store.

Is Berkley Jensen a Good Brand?

BJ’s own brand, Berkeley Jensen, is good value, especially for non-food lines like baby and bathroom products. Indeed, its bath tissue has won awards! It’s also mentioned as good for pet products and rather more randomly, mattresses. There are 45 categories of products in this range, according to BJ’s own website.

Where Does BJ’s Get Their Chicken From?

BJ’s has their own source of chicken, Wellsley Farm. The wholesalers also have their own butcher’s counter in store, so you don’t have to buy your chicken in bulk and freeze it.

Where Is BJ’s Restaurant Headquarters?

BJ’s restaurants, despite their shared name, have nothing to do with the wholesale chain. BJ restaurant HQ is located in Huntington Beach, CA, while the wholesale membership club hails from Massachusetts. 

How Many Locations Does BJ’s Restaurant Have?

There are about 212 BJ’s restaurants across the US. These have nothing to do with the MA-based wholesale club, confusingly also called BJ’s.

What Came First Costco or BJ’s?

Costco was launched in 1983 – and BJ’s was established by discount store Zayre a year later. So, Costco is slightly older. However, Costco can kind of claim a longer pedigree, as it merged with its rival Price Club, which dates back to 1976.

Does BJ’s Stand for Berkley Jensen?

It actually doesn’t! Berkley Jensen is the name BJ’s has given their own brand range. The BJ in their name actually comes from the initials of Beverly Jean Weich, the President’s daughter back in 1984.

How Many BJ’s Are There in the US?
How Many BJ’s Are There in the US?

Does BJs Have Good Meat?

Because BJ’s warehouses have instore butcher counters, BJ’s is a good place to buy meat. You can buy fresh meat in small quantities, as the staff will cut and package it for you in-store. This is actually quite a big selling point for the wholesaler.

Does BJ’s Wholesale Ship?

Yes, BJ’s ship, and if you shop online, you can choose between home delivery and collecting your items in-store. 

How Many BJ’s Are There in the US?

As of early 2022, there were 237 BJ’s wholesale club locations in the US. Most are on the East Coast, with over 40 branches in New York State alone.

Does BJ’s Accept Manufacturer Coupons?

Yes, BJ’s accepts valid manufacturer’s coupons. They also offer a generous amount of coupons themselves – check out the coupons page on their website. Members get sent coupons in the post, offering them exclusive deals.

When Was BJ’s Wholesale Club Founded?

BJ’s was founded in 1984 (a year after Costco) by discount department store chain, Zayre. It was named for Zayre’s president’s daughter, Beverly Jean.


I hope you enjoyed this ‘all questions answered’ tour of the BJ’s brand.

We’ve always shopped at BJ’s in our household – and it’s good to know this trusted all-American company is still going from strength to strength.

Plus – we now know for sure that they aren’t owned by Walmart! 🙂