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Are Twin Eagles Grills Good & Worth it?

Wanna know everything there is to know about the Twin Eagles grill brand and products? You got it…

Twin Eagles is a proud American company. Their brand name is inspired by our national bird and the founder’s children. Twin Eagles grills are made in the USA, with the company HQ in Cerritos, California. In 2021, Twin Eagles was taken over by Dometic, a global outdoor lifestyle brand.

So join me as I answer all your questions (and more) about the Twin Eagles brand, their products and how to use and maintain them…

Are Twin Eagles Grills Good?

Where Are Twin Eagles Grills Made? (Are They Made in The USA?)

Twin Eagles is a proud American company. Indeed, the “Eagle” part of the brand name is inspired by our national bird (“twin” is for the founder’s kids).

Twin Eagles grills are made in the USA, and the company is headquartered in Cerritos, California. The factory is impressively state-of-the-art, and we liked the behind-the-scenes tour on the Twin Eagles website.

Who Makes Twin Eagles Grills? (Will They Stand Behind Their Products?)

Just a few weeks ago in early 2021, Twin Eagles was taken over by Dometic, a global outdoor lifestyle brand.

Dometic specializes in mobile cooking and chilling for RVs, boats, trucks, premium vehicles, and other outdoor-related settings. It’s too early to say how this acquisition will affect Twin Eagles’ brand, range, and customer service.

What Products Are in The Twin Eagles Grills Collection?

Twin Eagles appeal to the high-end home chef. The brand’s grills and other outdoor appliances are aimed at folks who want a pro-quality, al fresco kitchen for their homes.

The main product is the built-in grill, which comes in a choice of sizes and fuels. This includes the exclusive Eagle One Super Premium Grill, which is packed with premium features and reaches sizzling temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Most are gas powered, with optional charcoal and pellet editions.

If you’re creating a whole outdoor kitchen, there are plenty of other products in the Twin Eagles cooking range. Add additional burners and a warming drawer, and make sure you have plenty of sleek-looking storage in your outside kitchen. Chillers, ice machines, and cocktail centers add a luxe feel, while sinks and refrigerators make sure that the kitchen is fully functional as well as stylish.

Don’t want a built-in kitchen? You can also buy Twin Eagles freestanding bases, so you can have a more BBQ style freestanding grill.

What Size & Weight Are Twin Eagles Grills?

The smallest Twin Eagles grills are the 30” models (gas or charcoal), while the largest is the mighty 54” design, which is also available in the One Eagle premium series. There are freestanding bases available to suit all the grill sizes.

Do Twin Eagles Grills Come With a Warranty?

As you would expect from a high-end product, Twin Eagles grills come with a good warranty. Because different components have different warranties, take a look at this useful warranty breakdown from the Twin Eagles’ website.

The stainless steel main burners, hexagonal grates and all fabricated stainless steel components have a lifetime warranty, with other parts ranging from five years to one year. 

Do Twin Eagles Grills Also Make Accessories?

Twin Eagles offer a range of accessories. These tend to be more practical than fun (no branded baseball caps or chili sauces here…). There are strong, protective vinyl cases for the grill itself, for both freestanding and built-in setups.

If you’re installing a built-in grill, Twin Eagles makes an insulating jacket which needs to go between the unit and the grill casing. These are available in a choice of sizes to suit your grill. 

Fancy making pancakes on your grill? Pick up a griddle plate. Want to convert your grill into a charcoal BBQ? Twin Eagles sell a stainless steel charcoal tray that simply slides into your grill and can be lit from the burners.

What Do The Reviews Say About Twin Eagles Grills?

Pro reviews love Twin Eagles – but what about us, the customers? As we’ve found before with the more expensive brands, there aren’t many domestic reviews out there. We finally found a few reviews for a 36”, built-in gas grill on Amazon. It scores 2.6 out of five stars (ouch).

What’s the issue? Fans love its high heat and its sleek good looks. The LED lights also get a mention. The problem? Customer service. If something goes wrong, according to these reviewers, it might not be easy to fix…

How Much Do Twin Eagles Grills Cost?

OK, deep breath: the 30” built-in gas grill will cost about $3,000, and the 42” model is closer to $5,600. The largest model (54”) is around $7,500. To give you an idea of how much an upgrade costs, the equivalent 54” size in the Eagle One premium series is almost $10,000.

For your money, you’re getting top quality grills. They are built from quality 4 gauge 304 stainless steel with a lifetime warranty, and have hexagonal burners for maximum food-to-surface contact. Other features include interior lights, easy-opening hood assist, an LED control panel, and a smoker box. The innovative zoning feature lets you cook various foods at different temperatures at the same time. 

Twin Eagles kitchen extras also come with a price tag. Expect to pay around $1,600 for a smaller cart base unit and up to $4,000 for an extractor hood (depending on size).

How To Use a Twin Eagles Grill

Make sure your grill is installed and connected as per Twin Eagles’ instruction manual. Here’s how to light your Twin Eagles gas-powered grill for the first time:

  1. Open the grill hood (don’t light the grill with the hood closed).
  2. Open the gas supply shut-off valve.
  3. Push in the knob and make sure that the hot surface igniter glows
  4. Hold the knob in for 5 seconds then turn the knob counterclockwise until all the bezel LEDS are lit. Continue to hold the knob for 5 seconds until you see or hear a flame, then release it (If ignition doesn’t happen after 5 seconds, turn the knob to the OFF position, wait for five minutes, and then repeat step 4
  5. Once ignited, close the hood 
  6. Let it run for 15 to 20 minutes to burn off any residue

Here’s how to use your gas grill regularly:

  1. Make sure the drip pan is in place
  2. Light the grill as per the instructions above
  3. Close the hood
  4. Turn the control knobs to HI and allow the grill to preheat for 15 minutes or until the Temp Track shows your desired temperature
  5. Get cooking!

The charcoal model works differently. Here’s how to cook on this grill:

  1. Make sure that the ash pan is in place 
  2. Remove the hex grates and pile the charcoal evenly on the charcoal basket (not more than 4 pounds of charcoal per basket. For indirect cooking, leave one of the baskets charcoal-free) 
  3. Follow the recommended lighting procedure of the charcoal you’re using
  4. Raise and lower the charcoal basket by turning the crank either clockwise or counterclockwise 
  5. Open the front access panel and pile more charcoal evenly across the charcoal baskets, when you need more
  6. Cook your delicious grilled meal
  7. Let the grill cool, and then clean the ash pan after each use
Twin Eagles BBQ grills

Are Twin Eagles Grills Easy To Maintain?

The best way to keep your grill in good condition is to clean it down after every use. Brush the grates while it’s still hot (wearing heat proof gloves) and always empty the drip pan when it’s safe to do so. The same applies to the hex plates of the charcoal model.

Every so often, take out the burners, briquette tray, and bulbs and give them a good clean before re-assembling. The product manuals take you through how to remove, clean, and restore each part.

The main thing to remember with the charcoal model is to keep the ash pan empty: wet ash is not good for the fabric of the grill.

How Do I Store My Twin Eagles Grill?

They may cost between $100 and $200, but those Twin Eagles vinyl covers are a great investment. If you have a built-in grill, this is especially important, and you can exactly winterize the whole unit in the garage.

Whether you have a built-in or freestanding grill, the main process is the same. Clean the grill thoroughly before retiring it for the winter. This keeps away bugs, rodents, and mould. Make sure it’s thoroughly dry, then fix the cover.

If you have a freestanding base, wheel it into a dry, safe space like the garage or a shed to keep it safe over the winter. Just remember that these are high-value grills, so you may want to keep it in an outbuilding with an alarm or other security device.

Conclusion: Where Can I Buy a Twin Eagles Grill?

These luxury grills aren’t available everywhere. The best way to get hold of a Twin Eagles grill is to search for a dealer on Twin Eagles’ website. This has a local search function that lets you find your nearest showroom.

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