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How Much Are Patio Chairs? Price Ranges By Type

So you want to know how much patio chairs cost, that’s why you’re here right? Well we can definitely help with this list of prices range by chair type.

Patio chairs range from just $12 for simple camping chairs, to $5,400 for daybeds with fancy canopies – with a lot else in-between. Standard outdoor dining chairs cost up to $400, with loungers up to $675. While Adirondack chairs cost $400 and benches up to $1900. 

Obviously, the answer to this question ultimately relies on you budget, preferred style and usage considerations – so let’s dive into the list…

How Much Are Patio Chairs?

Types of Patio Chair & Ballpark Prices

Our homes have unique styles and character. They are expressions of our personalities. People say that our patios are extensions of our homes, but they are more. They can be more playful. Whimsical and enchanting. You can let the inner you out – outside.

Outdoor chairs should be comfortable, practical, or spectacular. We need chairs to dine, lounge, swing, and camp. We need a bench in our garden to help us cope with stressful times.

This list runs the gamut of outdoor seating, from dining chairs to patio swings to egg chairs

Outdoor Dining Chairs

Sometimes when you fire up the BBQ, outdoor meals can become hours-long extravaganzas. Eating. Drinking. When you, your family and friends get together for a laid-back summertime meal, let them eat around the table in comfort. 

Outdoor dining chairs come in metal, wicker, plastic, wood, sling, resin, fabric, or bamboo. Some have arms and some do not. Styles include modern, farmhouse, classic, transitional, coastal, bohemian, art deco, designer and glam.

Outdoor dining chairs range in cost from $10 to $400 per chair.

Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Outdoor lounge chairs are comfortably cushioned, upright chairs. They are ideal for conversation and relaxing. Outdoor lounge chairs have removable, fabric covered cushions in all styles and colors to coordinate with your other outdoor furniture.

Outdoor lounge chairs range in style from modern, farmhouse, classic, coastal, contemporary, and bohemian. Chair cushions come in all colors. The chair bases come in metal, wicker, wood, plastic, sling, fabric, resin and ceramic.

These chairs range from $45 to $675 per chair.

Adirondack Chairs

What’s in a name? Sometimes – pretty interesting stuff. For example, the Mohawk tribe called the Algonquin tribe “Adirondacks”. It meant “bark eaters”, which was a plenty nasty slur back then.

The Adirondack Mountains are in upstate New York. There, a distinctive architecture style was developed. The builders there used what they had: whole, split, or peeled logs. The furniture and buildings were well-known for their craftsmanship.

Adirondack chairs are armchairs, traditionally constructed of wood, having seats that slants downward and a back that slopes back.

These chairs are made of plastic, composite, or wood.

Adirondack chairs range from $22 to $400.

Beach Chairs

Beach chairs fold up so you can carry them across the beach, mountain meadow, or wherever. Some are low slung, and some recline but all of them are designed to be lightweight and transportable. Some are slightly cushioned, but most are fabric.

Beach chairs can be made of metal, sling, plastic, wood, fabric, or wicker. They come in a huge range of fun colors. Some fold flat and some fold up into carry bags. The beach chair category includes zero-gravity chairs.

Beach chairs start at $30 and go up to $225.

Outdoor Chaise Lounges

Aaaahhhh – who doesn’t love putting your feet up? Chaise lounges are made for that. They’re just so decadent. 

You may think that chaise lounges originated in France, but you’d be wrong. Chaise lounges were first excavated from tombs in Egypt. The words “chaise lounge” are in fact a mishmash of the French word chaise, which means chair, and the English word lounge – well, we all know what that means. Somehow the two words got stuck together until, today, we accept them as correct.

Chaise lounge styles come in all styles: modern, transitional, farmhouse, coastal, classic, rustic, bohemian and midmod. Some have colorful, fabric-covered cushions but not all. Chaise lounges are made from metal, wicker, wood, sling, plastic, fabric, and resin. 

Chaise lounges range from $70 up to $440

Chaise lounge/daybeds with fancy canopies range up to $5,400.


Nothing fits your lounging body like a hammock when you’re sleeping or reading. No wonder they’ve been around for over 1,000 years. Hammocks originated in Central America. Back then, being suspended from trees kept some dangerous creatures away in the night. Luckily, hammocks today are all about relaxation and not survival.

Hammocks marketed today come with stands or without. They can be made from quilted fabric, hand-woven fabric, canvas, or rope. Most are made for one person, but some are double.

Hammocks start at $25 and run up to $480 with a stand and canopy.

Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Sure, you’re thinking of old folks rocking on the front porch. And you can have a retro rocking chair. But rocking chairs today come in all styles: farmhouse, classic, coastal, modern, cottage, midmod and bohemian. 

Rocking chairs can be made of wood, wicker, metal, plastic, fabric, sling, resin, and stone.

Outdoor rocking chairs begin at $35 and range up to $1,100.

Outdoor Benches

Outdoor benches are always sturdy and weather-resistant because they live in our gardens. In stressful times, there is no better place than a garden. 

Outdoor benches can be made of wood, cast iron, metal, stone, ceramic, fabric resin or wicker. They can be fancy, cushioned, carved or plain. Benches are usually made for two.

Outdoor bench prices range from DIY models at $30 to cow-inspired benches for $1,900.

Patio chair prices

Outdoor Gliders

Outdoor gliders are gloriously relaxing. Just a touch and you are smoothly gliding. It cradles you. Gliders are smoother than rockers, and there’s no danger to your cat’s tale. Also, gliders are love seat size, so you can have company.

Outdoor gliders are a great addition to your garden or front porch. They come cushioned, as single seats or as love seats. They come in several styles and colors. Some come with tables for your coffee. Outdoor gliders are made of metal, wood, sling, plastic, and wicker.

Outdoor glider prices start at $90 for a single chair and range up to $630 for a loveseat.

Patio Swings

Patio swings aren’t made for just one person. Patio swings are made for two, suspended and swinging gently. Patio swings are made for the shade of your patio, or they have built-in canopies.

Patio swings are made of steel, wood, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, or plastic. Many have deeply comfortable cushions.

Patio swings start at $90 and range up to $800 for an ornate metal swing.

Egg Chairs

Egg chairs are shaped like – eggs. Unless they are shaped like pumpkins. The iconic hanging egg chair is a perfect, private spot for reading or thinking. Many egg chairs come with a stand, but you can hang them on your patio, gazebo, or giant cottonwood in your backyard. 

Kids and teenagers love them too, so get more than one. When summer is over, move them into your den or bedroom.

Egg chairs are oval-shaped chairs with cushions suspended with a stand or from your patio ceiling. Pumpkin-shaped egg chairs are love seat size. Egg chair materials are wicker, metal, and plastic.

Egg chair prices start at $240 and range up to $900 for a pumpkin.

Camping Chairs

Camping chairs are designed to be tough and transportable. They often get flung into the backs of cars. They have four sturdy feet because they must be stable in wild places.

Some camping chairs have small tables or places for your cup of coffee. Most have carry bags with handles. All camping chairs are made of fabric or mesh over a metal frame. Most are single chairs but camping chairs come as doubles as well.

Camping chairs start at $12 and range up to $190.

In Conclusion

What you pay for your outdoor chairs will depend on what you need them for, what style you like – and how much you want to spend. Yet it’s safe to say for the general types of outdoor patio chairs and loungers you’re looking at the mid to high hundreds of dollars respectively.

If you’ve got more to spend, then a flashy chaise lounge with a canopy will set you back several thousand dollars – while a humble hammock (with stand and cover) will cost you a surprising amount at the middle hundreds of dollars.

Of course, you could go really budget with the whole thing and just spend about ten bucks on some camping chairs – but that doesn’t scream luxury now does it? 🙂

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