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Is DeWalt German or American?

We own quite a few DeWalt tools in our household, but are they a German or American brand?

DeWalt power tools are made In the USA with parts manufactured in the US, Brazil, China, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Italy, and Mexico. DeWalt’s HQ is in Baltimore, Maryland, and they have seven factories across the United States. Reviewers give DeWalt products 4.7 out of 5 stars.

In this article, we’ll attempt to answer all your most popular questions about the DeWalt brand, its products, and company history. We’ve got a lot to cover so let’s dive in…

Where Are DeWalt Tools Made? (Where is Their HQ?)

DeWalt says their tools are “Made In the USA with Global Materials. Parts are made in factories in the United States, Brazil, China, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Italy, and Mexico.

Then, they are assembled at one of DeWalt’s seven factories across the United States: Jackson, TN, Cheraw, SC, Greenfield, IN, New Britain, CT, Hampstead, MD, Charlotte, NC, and Shelbyville, KY.

The headquarters for DeWalt International Tool Co. is in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Who Makes DeWalt Power Tools? (Does Black and Decker Make Them?)

Yup, Black & Decker makes them.

Back in 1923, a fellow named Raymond E. DeWalt invented the radial power arm saw. By 1924, Mr. DeWalt had built a company in Pennsylvania around the radial arm power saw. In 1960, Stanley Black & Decker bought them out. 

Black & Decker divested themselves of the radial arm saw business – they had a safer option, the miter saw – but kept the rights to the DeWalt name. Black & Decker knew that the DeWalt name had an excellent reputation.

Fast forward to the early 1990s, when Black & Decker was struggling with a brand problem. Thanks to a survey, they learned that their Professional line of tools was a poor seller because contractors perceived them to be only household quality.

So, Black & Decker began a rebrand. To give the Professional line a new look, they choose a bold but gender-neutral yellow and black color. They dropped the word “Professional” from the name and called the new line – DeWalt.

Today, thanks to many tool company purchases, Black & Decker can offer a Goldilocks choice of tools. The DeWalt line sits at the top of their tool tiers. Then, Porter-Cable or Craftsman serve as the middle-tier choice. Finally, Black + Decker is the line offered at the entry-level tier.

Stanley Black & Decker owns lots of companies: USAG, Mac Tools, Craftsman, DeWalt, Bostitch, Lenox, Power Fasteners, Sidchrome, Emglo, Irwin, Proto, Porter-Cable, Lista, Stanley and Black + Decker. 

Check out this excellent history of DeWalt power tools, including a discussion of Stanley Black & Deckers’ Goldilocks marketing strategy.

What Products Are in The DeWalt Power Tools Collection?

DeWalt offers over 1,000 power tools, some corded and some cordless, for automotive, cable cutting and crimping, compressors, drills, dust management, grinders and polishers, impact drivers and wrenches, multifunction tools, nailers and staplers, and pipe and tubing tools.

They also make pneumatic tools, ratchets, rotary and demolition hammers, routers, planers and joiners, sanders, saws, screwdrivers and screw guns, plus specialty tools and tool combo kits.

In addition, they offer over 400 hand tools like chisels, punches, files, drywall tools, hammers, hand saws, pliers, snips, clamps, vises, knives and blades, manual fastening tools, lasers, layout tools, screwdrivers, hex drivers, wrenches and mixed toolsets.

DeWalt has over 100 products and tools for the outdoors. They offer mowers, cutting and pruning tools, pressure washers, pumps, cleaning fluid, chainsaw oil, hoses, axes, shovels, forks, rakes, and outdoor combination kits.

The DeWalt storage product line consists of over 100 toolboxes, bags, belts, pouches, backpacks, tool trolleys, mobile tool storage, tool bins and organizers, and workshop storage racks, and workstations.

DeWalt also offers workspace tools like sawhorses, ladders, worktables, generators, power supplies, extension cords, workspace lighting, protective clothing, fans, heaters, radios, speakers, and portable alarms.

Finally, DeWalt also offers a line of mechanical anchors, chemical anchors, direct fasteners, screw fasteners, and design software.

Are DeWalt Power Tools Waterproof?

No! Unless you have a power tool that specifically states that it is safe to use in wet conditions – and DeWalt’s aren’t – then you should never use a power tool in wet conditions. 

The risks for a human using a power tool in wet conditions range from mild shock to death. The risk to your property ranges from small property damage or full loss from fire. 

DeWalt clearly states that their tools are not waterproof – with the exception of their tile saw – but they say they are water-resistant. That means that if you spill your energy drink on them, they should be fine. Simply wipe off the excess and allow the inside of the tool time to dry.

Are DeWalt Power Tools Cordless?

DeWalt is proud of its battery technology. They offer three cordless platforms, the 60V Max* line, the 20V Max* line, and the 12V Max* line. If you still love your corded power tools, they have over a hundred corded tools.

DeWalt offers a 60V Max* power tool line. This line has seven tools, a rotary hammer, a cut-off saw, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, and a cordless grinder.

DeWalt has over 200 tools in their 20V Max* line. It includes impact drivers, circular saws, reciprocating saws, wrenches, roofing nailers, grinders, lasers, and hammers/drills.

DeWalt offers several tools in its 12V Max* line. Their 12V Max* line features several sub-compact tools, like ratchets, oscillating tools, drill/drivers, circular saws, screwdrivers, wrenches, rotary hammers, and bandsaws. In addition, the 12V Max* line has USB power sources, work lights, Bluetooth speakers, inspection cameras, thermometers, and lasers. 

DeWalt power tool selection

Do DeWalt Power Tools Come With a Warranty?

Most DeWalt tools come with a 3-year limited warranty. The three years begin with the date of purchase and cover any failures on the part of DeWalt. In addition, DeWalt offers a one-year warranty against (normal) tool wear and tear. 

Some hand tools are covered with a full lifetime warranty if the tool has been normally used.

What Do The Reviews Say About DeWalt Power Tools?

We looked at reviews from Lowe’s. We only considered reviews of power tools, and we only considered reviews of single tools, not multi-tool combo kits (although their combo kits have very good reviews). Reviews counted were from verified purchasers.

We found almost 30,000 reviews on Lowe’s website. From those reviews, DeWalt power tools rated an average of 4.7 stars out of 5.

Positive reviewers loved the quality of the DeWalt tools. They love and trust DeWalt tools and have used their tools for decades. Most thought they were well built and tough. 

The saws are smooth and stable and people loved the features where you can see precisely where you are cutting.

One reviewer was concerned about the 20V battery life of a circ saw pre-purchase but was pleasantly surprised with the battery life. People loved the upgrade from corded to cordless. Many customers praised the DeWalt tool videos as very helpful – referred to the tool setup after watching as “a piece of cake”.

Many negative reviews were about prices. They objected to paying more for the tool and then more for the batteries. Other negative reviews were about specific blade choices that came with the tools. 

Several negative reviews were about batteries failing. Other negative reviews are that the tool they purchased just wouldn’t do the job they needed – it was underpowered. Several people complained about lousy customer service when they tried calling DeWalt.

How Much Do DeWalt Power Tools Cost?

The most expensive DeWalt tool on Lowe’s website is the 120V corded demolition hammer. It cost $1,699.

The least expensive DeWalt power tool (not just an accessory) is a 120V corded orbital sander for $39.

Are DeWalt Power Tools Easy To Look After?

Before cleaning any tool, make sure the tool is unplugged or the battery has been taken out. Wash your own hands and put on some protective gloves.

DeWalt recommends using a soap and water mixture to clean the surface of any grimy tools. Power tools should never be immersed in water – just spray some soap and water onto a shop towel or sponge and wipe off the tools. 

Make sure you don’t get any fluid into an open surface on the tool. Don’t wipe down the electrical prongs on a cord and avoid getting the battery terminals wet on a cordless one. Never use harsh chemicals to clean the battery pack and avoid getting the terminals wet.

When you have wiped clean your power tool, be sure to allow it plenty of time to dry before you use it.

High voltage, high-performing batteries are not maintenance-free. They need a little TLC. 

DeWalt recommends that you stop using a battery as soon as you begin to feel its power diminishing. Don’t wait until it’s dead. Completely running down a battery may damage it. DeWalt says that it’s OK to store a battery on the charger, even after it is completely charged. The charger station has automatic shut-off features.

Here’s DeWalt’s product guide video on how to clean your tools.

How Do I Store My DeWalt Power Tools?

Power tools last longer with a dry, relatively warm space for storage. You can prolong your tool life by cleaning them up and putting them back in their box or carrier bag for the winter. If possible, put the silica gel they came with in the box or bag with them.

Batteries should be stored in a warm, dry space in the winter. Batteries should be transported carefully. Keys, coins and other conductive, metal objects coming into contact with a battery’s terminals can cause fires. Consider transporting your DeWalt tool by itself in a carrier bag.

Here’s The Spruce on how to store power tools.

Conclusion: Where Can I Buy DeWalt Power Tools?

We found DeWalt tools on Amazon, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Northern Tools, CPO DeWalt, Blain’s Farm & Fleet, Cart Remise, Zoro, JB Tools, Acme Tools,, Whitehead Industries, and LL Flooring.

All in all, DeWalt is a great power tool brand and we’ve always used their products in our household. 🙂

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