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Is Costco Patio Furniture Any Good?

Our family shops in Costco and has done for years, but is their patio furniture any good?

Costco stocks patio furniture made by a variety of companies, however, its in-house brand appears to include patio furniture made non-exclusively for it by Agio International. Agio has offices in Virginia Beach and Chicago, with factories in China. Reviewers give Agio furniture 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Join me as I take a deep dive into the Costco furniture brand, its history, products – and most importantly – what real buyers really think of it…

Where is Costco Patio Furniture Made?

Costco is an American brand, originally founded in Seattle. It now has a presence all over the world. It’s not always clear where its patio furniture is manufactured; however, it’s safe to assume that a lot of it comes from overseas.

Who Makes Costco Patio Furniture?

Costco sells furniture from a range of brands, including Agio and SunVilla. If you want your patio furniture to be made by “a name”, Costco’s online store is a good place to look.

As for Costco’s own brand, it’s not easily apparent who makes it; however, some is certainly made by furniture manufacturer Agio International, who have offices in Virginia Beach and Chicago, with factories in China.

Is Costco Patio Furniture Good Quality?

Costco has a huge range of patio furniture, so as you’d expect, there’s a variety in the quality. However, one of the biggest advantages of Costco is its global buying power, which enables it to sell branded goods with a slimmer markup than smaller retailers.

This means that you can pick up a good quality set for a medium-quality price.

Does Costco Patio Furniture Come Assembled?

Most Costco patio furniture comes boxed, and the customer is expected to assemble it themselves. This is pretty standard for most furniture purchases these days, and we’re all used to getting out the screwdrivers and resigning ourselves to an afternoon poring over instructions.

Many of us quite like the satisfaction of assembling our own patio furniture to be honest!

However, if you hate assembling furniture and don’t mind paying a few collars to avoid this task, look out for Costco’s setup offer. For an additional fee, Costco will assemble the patio set at your home, and even take the packaging away. This is an option available with online purchases, and you can add it at checkout.

Why is Costco Patio Furniture So Expensive?

Some Costco furniture is expensive, yes, but this is for the more upscale patio sets. Because there’s such a large range, you should be able to find something in your price point; and thanks to Costco’s enormous buying power, their markups are smaller.

Having said that, they’re not a budget store, they’re a warehouse-style retailer. While this means that Cosco can sell cheaper than some other operators, it doesn’t mean that it’s the place to come for cheap furniture or a real bargain. 

Our tip? Buy Costco patio furniture at the end of the season or in a Black Friday deal. There are also regular special offers for their members.

Why is Costco Patio Furniture Sold Out? (Why Does it Sell Out So Quickly?)

Costco patio furniture is popular: it’s a good price point for many consumers, and it’s easy to get hold of. So, naturally, it sells out quickly. 

There’s also been a real upsurge in outdoor living products since the pandemic. Confined to our homes, we all learned to appreciate our yards and to treat them as an extension of our living space. Suddenly everyone wanted a garden couch or a patio dining set, and supply couldn’t keep up this demand. 

Other factors also come into play. For example, Costco has experienced shortages of shipping containers and port delays.

What Products Are in The Costco Patio Furniture Collection?

In short: everything! This retail giant has the capacity to sell anything and everything, and does. Whether you’re looking for a pair of Adirondack chairs for a cozy corner, or need a patio dining set for the whole family to sit at, you’ll find it here.

You can also pick up other patio essentials such as cushions, covers, and boxes to store them in. Add accessories like fire pits and parasols, and you can kit out your entire outdoor space in a single Costco order.

Does Costco Patio Furniture Come With a Warranty?

To find out about the warranties for Costco patio furniture, you’ll need to check the individual product. These vary, as we’re looking at a range of different materials and functions, and Costco themselves advise contacting customer service for details. 

Of course, there’s always Costco’s own “risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee”, which should make in-store or online returns easier.

What Do The Reviews Say About Costco Patio Furniture?

To find out what users say about Costco furniture, we took a look at the reviews on the website. We looked at one of Costco’s best-selling patio sets, the Belmont 7-seater, which has a sofa, two club chairs, two ottomans, and two small tables. It’s made from resin wicker and has Sunbrella cushions, and retails at about $2,600 (when not in any deal).

It scores 4.6 stars out of 5, based on over 560 reviews. Customers love the good looks and how comfortable the set is, and it is described as “sturdy”. However, others mention the lack of attention to quality control: rough edges, split rattan, missing items. However, this isn’t Costco’s fault, and one customer does mention how helpful the store has been in trying to sort this out..

How Much Does Costco Patio Furniture Cost?

There’s a great variation in price, depending on brand, materials and quality. Say you want a nice little two-seater patio set for a cozy porch or balcony. How much does this outdoor favorite cost at Costco? 

You can get a decent bistro set from around $300. However, if you’re looking to go upscale, try a more luxe club chair set up, which tops four figures. There’s a lot of choices in between. 

A dining set will start at about $1,000. For a seven-piece dining set with comfy chairs, expect to pay closer to $4,000 or even $5,000+.

Is Costco Patio Furniture Easy To Look After?

Most modern patio furniture is designed to be easy to look after, and the range that Costco sells is no exception. Most quality plastic and faux rattan patio furniture simply needs to be brushed clean, washed with water and dish soap, then allowed to dry before you pop the cushions back on or store it.

Speaking of cushions, look out for patio furniture at Costco that features Sunbrella® fabric. This make is renowned for being robust and low-maintenance for outdoor use, so is a super-easy fabric to choose. This short film shows you how to clean patio cushions.

The online store sells a selection of patio storage boxes, which are perfect for popping the cushions in overnight. Yes, a good quality outdoor cushion will survive the occasional night in the wild, but to prolong its life, tuck it into a box at the end of the day.

What about wooden patio furniture? Wooden patio furniture will also benefit from a regular brush and a quick wipe; however, the main thing here is to make sure that the wood remains protected and won’t be damaged by the sun or the rain.

Check the instructions to see what the furniture has been treated with, and repeat this treatment at the recommended intervals.

Costco sells a choice of metal outdoor furniture, which can also be kept clean with soapy water. If it’s a coated metal (like galvanized steel), keep an eye out for dents and scratches that can compromise the protection. Try car wax for extra metal furniture protection, which is a surprisingly effective and easy option.

Costco also has a good choice of patio furniture covers. If the forecast’s looking rough, you can easily slip the covers over the chairs, keeping the worst of the rain and any windblown debris off your couch or dining set.

How Do I Store & Winterize My Costco Patio Furniture?

As with any outdoor furniture, Costco patio furniture needs to be clean, dry, and stored safely over the winter. While smaller patio furniture like bistro sets or an Adirondack chair can spend the colder months in the garage, a large couch or dining set may not be possible to store. 

That’s OK, because with the right size covers, you can winterize your furniture outside. Obviously, if your property is very exposed or you get really extreme weather in the winter, you’ll need to take extra measures, such as moving furniture to the most sheltered part of the yard, or trying to fit it in the garage.

To winterize your Costco patio furniture, here’s what you do:

  1. Remove any cushions or seat pads, and wash those separately, as per instructions. These can be stored in a dry indoor space like the loft or a closet, or if in a garage/shed, in bags
  2. Vacuum or brush any dust, dirt, and debris off the furniture
  3. Clean the furniture. Generally, dish soap and water will do, but check the care instructions
  4. Make sure it’s dry
  5. Cover the furniture with the furniture covers, making sure they’re tied on correctly. If covers aren’t fastened, they’ll be in your neighbor’s yard the next time there’s a gust of wind…
  6. If necessary, move the furniture against the wall in a sheltered part of the yard
Is Costco patio furniture good quality?
Is Costco patio furniture good quality?

Conclusion: Where Can I Buy Costco Patio Furniture?

Costco sells patio furniture in season in its many stores: you’re never too far from a Costco. Its online shop gives you a greater choice, and it’s easier to find what you need all year round.

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