Are Blue Sky Outdoor Living Fire Pits Any Good? (Key Facts)

When it comes to choosing your next fire pit, isn’t it about time for some Blue Sky thinking?

Blue Sky Outdoor Living make fire pits and related accessories, and are based in British Columbia, Canada. Their distribution center is in Romeoville, Illinois. Many of their products are made in the USA , and verified reviewers give their fire pits and fire rings 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Let’s dive down into this brand in more detail, and discover more about the products in their range. We’ll also look at product maintenance and storage, and find out where to buy these well regarded fire pits and accessories.

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Are Blue Sky Outdoor Living Fire Pits Any Good?

Where Are Blue Sky Outdoor Living Fire Pits Made? (Is it The USA?)

The Badlands line of Blue Sky Outdoor Living fire pits is proudly made in the USA. Other Blue Sky products are made overseas.

Who Makes Them? (Are They Trustworthy?)

Blue Sky Outdoor Living’s corporate office is in British Columbia, Canada. Their distribution center is in Romeoville, Illinois.

Blue Sky Outdoor Living is all about time well spent. They believe in the value and benefit of spending time in nature. They elevate the ambiance, quality, and safety of your outdoor space.

The Badlands line of fire pits are made by Earth Outdoor Manufacturing, Montana.

What Products Are in The Bluesky Fire Pits Range?

Blue Sky Outdoor Living offers smokeless, multi-fuel fire pits, fire rings and Badlands fire pits. Smokeless fire pits are uniquely designed to give off intense heat without smoke or sparks. The intense heat leaves very little ash or wood pieces, making clean up easy.

The smokeless design works by pulling outside air into a ring of holes at the bottom of the pit. The air is pulled up through the pit’s hollow wall to the ring of holes around the top. The heated air coming from the holes increases the amount of oxygen in the burning fuel, superheating the burn.

Blue Sky’s smokeless fire pits models are named Ridge, Peak and Mammoth. You can use hardwood or pellets to fuel the fire in all their models.

The Ridge collection is portable. It is designed for the beach, camping, tailgating or “homegating” in your backyard. There are two purchase options available for the Ridge model: just the fire pit or a fire pit with spark screen and lift tool.

The Ridge can burn small firewood (less than 16 inches long) or pellets. It is made of heavy-duty steel that is powder coated. The Ridge has a compact and portable design. The two parts of the fire pit nest together for easy transportation. They come with carry bags so you can take them everywhere.

Blue Sky Outdoor Living has two models in their patio fire pit line, the Peak and the Mammoth. Both the Peak and the Mammoth are offered with just the fire pits, or the fire pits with a spark screen and screen lift tool.

Both the Peak and the Mammoth models can burn pellets, firewood, or both. Both are made of heavy-duty steel with powder coating and both are designed to be smokeless.

The difference between the Peak and the Mammoth models is size. The Peak measures 24 inches in diameter and is 16 inches high. The Mammoth measures 33 inches in diameter and is 18 inches in height.

Blue Sky Outdoor Living also offers a line of fire rings. These rings are available in over 60 models that vary in shape and side cutout. Some fire rings are designed as hexagons that fold up for portability. Some are traditionally round.

Many of the fire rings have cut out shapes around the sides, like forest scenes or sports teams’ logos. All the Blue Sky fire rings are made of sturdy and durable steel construction and have carry bags.

Blue Sky’s Badlands fire pits have a unique, rustic design with a dusty patina. They are all 30-inch square and 26 inches high. The Badlands fire pits all have ash catcher systems and designs laser-cut into the sides.

The fire pits come in over 40 different laser cut designs, including American flags, Breast Cancer Awareness, sports team logos and wilderness scenes. In fact, you can send your own custom logo design (think wedding or your company) to Blue Sky for your personalized fire pit.

Here’s a video showing how they make a Badlands fire pit.

What Size & Weight Are These Fire Pits?

Blue Sky Outdoor Living’s portable Ridge models are 16 inches in diameter and are 12.5 inches tall. They weigh from 15 pounds to 18 pounds with the spark screen and tool.

The Peak model is 24 inches in diameter, is 16 inches high and weighs 46 pounds. The models with spark screens weigh up to 52 pounds.

The Mammoth fire pit measures 33 inches in diameter, is 18 inches tall and weighs 92 pounds. Blue Sky fire rings are 36 inches in diameter and weigh 10 to 14 pounds.

Badlands fire pits measure 30 inches square and are 26 inches high. They weigh 53 pounds.

Do Blue Sky Outdoor Living Fire Pits Come With a Warranty?

Blue Sky Outdoor Living offers a 3-year limited warranty. They warrant that their products are free from defects and workmanship for 3 years from the purchase.

Does This Company Also Make Fire Pit Accessories?

Blue Sky Outdoor Living markets grates, lids, spark screens, spark screen tools, swing away grates, roasting sticks, folding log racks, poker sets, and large baskets for wood.

What Do Reviewers Say About Blue Sky Outdoor Living Fire Pits?

We looked at Amazon for our reviews. We used verified purchasers, not expert reviews.

We found over 600 reviews. The reviewers gave Blue Sky Outdoor Living fire pits and fire rings 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Most reviewers thought the fire pits were easy to assemble, good value for money, were very warm and well made. Reviewers all thought the fire pits put out a lot of heat. One reviewer called it “small but mighty”. Reviewers loved taking it to the beach, camping and RVing.

Negative reviewers thought these fire pits were hard to keep going. Some reviewers thought the fire pit was TOO hot – it burned too high. One reviewer reported a fireball. Some reviewers thought the steel rusted quickly and it wouldn’t last too long.

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How Much Do These Fire Pits Cost?

The portable Ridge fire pit has two prices: one without the spark screen and tool and one with. The prices vary between $80 and $110.

The Peak model’s prices vary between $230 and $300 (with spark screen and tool). The Mammoth’s prices vary between $400 and $450 (with spark screen and tool).

Blue Sky fire rings cost from $50 to $150. The Badlands fire pits cost from $350 to $400.

Blue Sky Fire Pits

How Do I Use a Blue Sky Outdoor Living Fire Pit

These tips are for the Blue Sky Outdoor Living pellet patio fire pit:

  1. Check the location of your fire pit. Move it away from anything flammable, like gazebo fabric, trees, bushes, or your house. Carbon monoxide can build up in enclosed spaces, so make sure your fire pit sits where there is plenty of fresh air.
  2. Make sure the fire pit is on level ground – no wobbling or tipping.
  3. Check the wind. If the wind is gusting, then postpone your fire.
  4. Tuck in your loose clothing.
  5. Pour 2 to 3 inches of pellet fuel into the bottom of the pit.
  6. Use a natural fire starter, like one of these, to start the pellets, or pellet gel. Never use charcoal lighter or gasoline.
  7. While the fire gets going, there may be some smoke.
  8. Once the secondary burn starts (due to the superheating fire pit design), you can relax and warm up.
  9. Pellets will start to burn down in 30 to 40 minutes. When they do, throw in a couple more handfuls of pellets.
  10. When the party’s over, let the fire burn down instead of dousing with water. Using water can create a lot of steam, smoke and can even damage the structure of the fire pit.

Are These Fire Pits Easy To Look After?

Blue sky fire rings and fire pits made of steel are susceptible to rust. Check for scratches or dents where rust can start. If you find a scratch, try removing it with light sandpaper. Then, paint the scratch with high-temperature (BBQ grill) paint.

Blue Sky Outdoor Living suggests cleaning out the ash catch system after every burn. Let the fire pit get completely cool, then dump the ash into a bucket. Ash is good for gardens, so be sure to sprinkle it over beds or add it to your compost pile.

Blue Sky’s Badlands fire pits have a dusty patina. They recommend that you wipe off the small amount of rust when you first unpack your fire pit. The rust residue is part of the manufacturing process. Wash your hands afterwards.

How Do I Store My Blue Sky Fire Pit?

Blue Sky’s Ridge fire pits come with carry bags that are perfect for storing them in. For the Peak Patio and Mammoth fire pits, use a heavy-duty cover (Blue Sky sells them) during the winter months.

If you can, store your fire pit under cover, like in a garage or shed.

Summary: Where Can I Buy My Blue Sky Outdoor Living Fire Pit?

You can buy Blue Sky Outdoor Living fire pits and rings on Amazon, Northern Tool, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Target or on Blue Sky’s website here.

With that all said, I think it’s definitely time for some Blue Sky thinking for your next fire pit purchase. 🙂

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