Is Petsmart Owned By Walmart? (Solved!)

We shop at both PetSmart and Walmart – so does the latter own the former?

Walmart does not own PetSmart, and the two actually compete in pet food sales. PetSmart was founded in 1986 by Jim and Janice Dougherty in Phoenix, Arizona. The company’s original name was PetFood Warehouse because its first stores focused on cheap, wholesale pet food products.

Let’s dive down into the subject of who owns PetSmart in more detail, and answer all the questions you’ve ever had about this popular household brand…

Is Petsmart Owned By Walmart?

Does Walmart Own PetSmart? (Who Owns PetSmart?)

No, Walmart doesn’t own PetSmart, which is a privately owned company. In fact, Walmart and PetSmart are in competition for items such as pet food, although the similarity in their names leads many people to think that they’re part of the same umbrella.

Are Petco and PetSmart Owned by the Same Company?

Petco and PetSmart are both independently owned pet retailers. Although their stores sell similar ranges, they’re not related in any way, and are in fact rival companies.

Who Founded PetSmart?

PetSmart was founded in 1986 by Jim and Janice Dougherty in Phoenix, Arizona. The company’s original name was PetFood Warehouse, because its first stores focused on cheap, wholesale pet food products.

Towards the late eighties, its focus changed towards wider pet products and more appealing stores, and in 1989, it changed its name to PETsMART (the current “PetSmart” dates from 2005 ).

Which Is Better PetSmart or Petco?

Well, this is one of life’s big debates…! PetSmart and Petco are pretty similar stores. They sell many of the same pet products (including the pets themselves) and offer similar onsite services such as grooming.

In terms of number of stores, Petco is slightly bigger with around 1,650 stores across the US, while PetSmart has 1,550.

Which is better? Well, that depends on which one sticks your dog’s favorite food! It also depends, if we’re honest, upon which one is the closest to your home…

Does Chewy Own Petsmart?

Chewy and PetSmart have a complicated history. PetSmart bought online pet product retailer Chewy in 2017 for $3.35 billion. When Chewy went public in 2019, PetSmart remained its majority owner; however in 2021, the brands went their separate ways, and PetSmart no longer owns its online rival.

Is Petsmart a Franchise?

PetSmart doesn’t franchise, and neither does its main rival Petco. If running your own pet store under a well-known brand is your dream, try Pet Supplies Plus, which does. This pet product brand aims to offer a more “local” approach.

What Companies Does Petsmart Own?

PetSmart has acquired a few other brands along the way, including pet stores Petstuff, online canine retailer Sporting Dog Specialities, and equine company State Line Tack. PetSmart also partners with Banfield Pet Hospital, which runs the instore veterinary services. 

PetSmart no longer owns the major online pet product retailer, Chewy, which it separated from in 2021. PetSmart also previously owned a chain of stores in the UK, which didn’t work out.

Petsmart store front

What Does Petsmart Do With Returned Animals?

Returning a hamster or a goldfish is not as straightforward as taking wrong-sized clothing back to the store. However, PetSmart does have a returns policy, and you have up to 14 days to take a pet back to the store for a full refund.

What happens then? Well, provided the pet is healthy, they enter PetSmart’s adoption scheme. If after a while, the animal still hasn’t found its forever home, the store will let someone adopt it for free. No pet should have to live out its life in a store.

If the animal is sick or injured, it will be quarantined and seen by one of PetSmart’s in-house vets. Sick pets aren’t resold until they’ve been treated.

OK, a rather unsavory question that needs addressing: what about deceased fish? Unfortunately, pet fish do sometimes die upon transfer to their new home. Yes, PetSmart will accept the return of a dead fish. Bring the receipt and paperwork (and sorry), the fish. 

When you buy your pet fish, speak to the staff about the safe transfer of your new fish to its new home, to help prevent this distressing incident from occurring. 

Which Is Cheaper Petco or Petsmart?

There isn’t much price difference between the two brands; however, reviewer Cheapism did a comparison survey of Petco and PetSmart, and found out that Petco is cheaper for both products and services (such as day care and grooming).

However, PetSmart did seem to have the edge on customer service, and it offers more services at more stores.

What about deals? Both companies have a good range of special offers, so the wise pet parent will move between the two stores to pick up the best bargain. Of course, retail brands offer loyalty deals and memberships to try and overcome this…

What’s the Difference Between Petco and Petsmart?

In terms of the goods they sell, Petco and PetSmart are similar. If you’re looking for a pet-specific superstore where you have a great choice of cat food and a colorful range of squeaky dog toys, you’re not going to notice much difference. You can take your kids to either store to pick up their first hamster and all its essential kit, and the experience will be similar.

Do they differ on price? According to the Cheapism research, Petco is a bit cheaper. However, type this question into any forums, and you’ll get two broad answers: “PetSmart is cheaper”, and “Petco is cheaper”. Both offer deals from time to time, so you can save a few dollars if you’re willing to switch between the two brands.

The main difference lies in the additional services. Both brands offer veterinary services, grooming, daycare, and extras like puppy classes. However, PetSmart has focused on getting these services into more stores, positioning itself as the “one-stop-shop” for all the pet parents’ needs. 

Pet boarding is a good example: PetSmart has PetHotels across the US, while Petco is newer to this type of service and doesn’t have as many If you’re looking for cat care, PetSmart has the edge, as they offer cat as well as dog grooming (brave people).

If you’re intrigued by the idea of PetSmart’s PetHotels, watch Bailey the Golden Retriever as he takes you on a tour of the facilities.

How Is Petsmart Doing Financially?

With revenue of $5.2 billion in the financial year 20-21, PetSmart remains the largest pet products retailer in the US financially. This annual revenue is still way down compared with 19-20’s $7.3 billion, but let’s be honest, many businesses saw a steep drop during the pandemic, especially those that focus on bricks-and-mortar stores and in-person (or pet) services. 

Who Is Petsmart’s Competition?

As we’ve mentioned, Petco is the biggest competitor in terms of bricks and mortar stores, and online presence, too. As Petco increases its services (grooming, boarding, daycare and so on), we’ll see more competition there, too.

If you’re simply shopping for pet food, stores such as Walmart and Target will always be rivals, due to their massive reach and big buying power. Online, you can pick up many pet products from retailers like Amazon. Specialty brands like PetSmart will always have competition from the big names like these, which is why they’ve moved into services as well as goods.

And of course, never underestimate the power of the local pet store! The smalltown pet store, which sold your grandfather his first pup and remembers you as a baby, definitely has its place in the pet store market. These stores are often run by real animal lovers, who provide their own form of one-stop- for your pet care needs.


I must admit, it’s been fascinating discovering all these things about PetSmart.

Our family shops in their stores quite often, so it’s good to know they’ve come out of the pandemic with a healthy business.

We like shopping in Walmart and other pet stores too – so it’s always good to have a choice as they all compete on price. 🙂